Friday, March 24, 2017

Have the Best Meal Imaginable at Chartreuse

Flower Installation by Pot and Box 

Metro Times recently released an op ed piece about the service industry of Detroit. This article caused a lot of controversy, a lot of people agreed with the writer and a lot of people were offended by what she had to say.  I read the article and was intrigued by the point that it was making. I'm not going to lie, I have had some really bad service at some of the new hot spots around the city, but I have also received some of the best service and eaten some of the best meals of my life. Instead of focusing on who's doing everything wrong, I want to focus on one place that has been consistently doing everything right. 

Chartreuse Kitchen and Bar is about to celebrate its second birthday. The unique Detroit restaurant has one of the most interesting and thoughtful menus in the city and the best service and hospitality that I have ever experienced. They have curated a welcoming space that features some of our favorite Detroit artists, this includes a painting by Oui Zi and a flower installation that was created by Pot and Box. From the moment you arrive you are treated well, seated, given water immediately and every question you could possible have is answered with a smile. The staff seems genuinely happy to be at work and their good vibes instantly rub off on you.  This superb services relaxes you and prepares you to enjoy their unique menu. 

The menu is full of interesting dishes that you can't just easily whip up at home so every bite you take feels a little bit more special. During my most recent visit I shared the fried egg, the mushroom confit (minus the duck as I was sharing with a vegetarian) and I ordered the steak for myself.  After dinner we also enjoyed a delightful pudding off the dessert menu.  Each item we ordered was better than the next. The fried egg was one of the best things I have ever eaten, I highly suggest trying that when you visit.   

Fried Egg
Mushroom Confit 


Pudding Dessert

To top it all off, Chartreuse takes reservations online! If you're a freak like me and can't bare to make a call, you don't have to! You can click here and do it with a few clicks. Instead of worrying about the new hip place, just visit this Detroit staple and we can guarantee that you will have a great meal with great service. And if you're feeling feisty, grab a drink! They are known for their cocktails!


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