Monday, April 18, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action: A Look at Tour Life from Matt Meyers from Houndmouth

Houndmouth isn't your typical band. They are a unique four piece from Indiana that started playing music together in 2011. They released their second EP called Little Neon Limelight last March and they are currently on tour with Lucy Dacus. They will be making a stop at The Majestic Theatre tomorrow night so we reached out to do an interview with the band. We sent some questions over to singer Matt Myers and got back an interesting response. Instead of answering our questions one by one he gave us a detailed look at life on the road with the band.

Matt- Me and my business partners and associates like to keep it real on the road. We enjoy eating our breaky together in the mornings. Eggs. Toast. Jam. Bacon. Coffee. It's important to start with a good meal because the days get long and if you're not careful you could become an asshole. A tired grumpy asshole. 
After breakfast we have a light yoga session with our guru and instructor Caleb Hickman (keys//you may recognize Caleb "the slasher" Hickman from such projects as Diane Coffee and Night Beds). After the sesh we explore. Who knows what town you're gonna wake up in and the only way to find out is to walk the streets. Find your beat. Look at the signs and shit. Find a clothing store because in this line of work you've gotta keep yourself in the fresh fits.

From 2 pm-6 pm no funny business. The gear doesn't load itself folks. Lift some stuff. Work 4 a sweat. After load in comes the sound check. Not one of those "open door come hang out and watch ticketed event" sound checks radio stations like to give away to listeners. This is the real deal sound check. With sound engineer Tim Smiley aka Timmy Buffet aka Tom Frowny on a real bad day. You horse around and fuck with The Tim Smiley's sound check and WELL THEN you've got another thing coming, Sally. He'll be naked and have you in a headlock before you can say, "1 2 check". He only gets naked because of primal instinct. He feels it necessary when performing hand to hand combat.

Now to a most exciting time in the evening. The pre show dinner. You'll want something substantial but not too heavy. You don't want to be weighted down before a show, and you definitely want to save room for a cocktail or two. I find that sushi is a safe option but sushi is everywhere and easy to get burnt out on. You can always double back and have breakfast for dinner as well. Try to avoid chicken and waffles specifically.

After dinner marks the first round of lounge hangs. Light drinking if you wish. Easy convo. Good vibes. We do this to keep from napping or going off and getting into some kind of trouble. Everyone needs to be around before showtime.
When Drew Miller (Saxophone//fashion guru) puts his suit on that's when we know the time is nearing. He's a punctual fella and I find it helpful to follow his lead in all aspects of life. His Exquisite two toned trousers/blazer combination with a geometric button up. Such a sight to witness. 
Now it's Showtime. No explanation necessary. Playing music is one of the oldest rackets going. If ya got it ya got it. If ya don't ya don't. Regardless it's all good.  
Stay safe out there y'all! Drink responsibly and love people 4 who they are and not 4 their Instagrams. 

Houndmouth will be performing at The Majestic Theatre this Tuesday, April 19th. Tickets to attend the show are only $17, they can be purchased here.


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