Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Video Exclusive: Rarewolf "Manimal"

Last week we introduced you to Rarewolf and released their first singe called "Manimal". This week we are helping them release the video that goes along with the single.

Rarewolf plans to release a video alongside every single that they release. They already have the next one in the works. So, without further ado, this is Manimal: 

HID- How have people reacted to the new song we released last week?
Rarewolf- "So far so good! We have had long time friends as well as some newcomers all chime in with good things to say, which is SUPER relieving. When you spend so much time on something, especially one song, you end up really invested in it and want it to represent who you are as a band. We think this song does a good job of that."

HID- Who came up with the concept for the video?
Rarewolf- "The song was actually written before we decided to do the video for it, so the initial concept was already there. When we decided that Manimal was going to have visuals accompany it, we thought the idea of making a video about some irresistible lover was played out, so we put a twist on it. And that's how real love works, right? There's always a twist."

HID- Where was it shot?
Rarewolf- "A majority was shot in Ferndale, in the downtown area. There are bits and pieces shot in Pontiac and all of the live band shots were done at CMNTv in Troy. John Blanchard (aka BizzyStudio) has access to a killer studio area there."

HID-Why did you decide to work with BizzyStudios?
Rarewolf- "Simply put: John is the type of person we want to work with. He approaches his work with a clear vision and purpose, but also views it as a learning experience- which, by the way, EVERYONE SHOULD. Additionally, even being relatively new to film production, he was all about taking this project and making it his as much as it is ours. We really believe that when everyone is taking ownership over something and viewing it as a vehicle for their own personal growth, it shines through in the final product."

HID- Who are the actress in the video?
Rarewolf- "Lin-SAY and JRAE are both local musicians and huge talents. And, they are DEDICATED. Wow. Get 100 people in a room and ask them to walk around in high heels for like 14 hours or something ridiculous, in the cold, to shoot a video for a band without any breaks and see how many people volunteer. These girls stepped up without any hesitation and honestly killed it, and we cannot thank them enough for that.

If you want to support musicians who put in the work and hustle every day, make sure you check them both out! Lin-Say just dropped her new album, Shut Up & Pick Me Up, and JRAE is super active online with visual art in addition to her music."

HID- Is it true that you plan to release a video with every song that you release?

Rarewolf- "Yeah! (If we can afford it.....) But for real. Yes. We're trying to release content a little differently than the norm with this band. Instead of going all in on an album, we're going to spend a lot of time on each individual track, making them really unique from one another so that the entire catalog is strong and we have content coming out as regularly as possible. The more we produce, the better we'll get at it, hopefully."

HID- Do you have the ideas for your videos on your head while your writing the songs?
Rarewolf- "Initially, no. Now that we've committed to this work flow, though, it is definitely in mind from the beginning. Once vocals start to form for a song, that's when the video ideas usually start to follow.

Video ideas are especially important for which songs we want to record next. If we write two great songs, but only have a really great idea for visuals for one, we'll opt to record the song with a better video concept. Maybe the other needs some time to stew, you know?"

HID- How important are visuals in music in your opinion?
Rarewolf- "It is super important for a band like us. We want to affect people, move them, make them feel good. Our generation is honestly kind of numb from the constant barrage of news feeds, ads, comment threads, beeps, swipes... you get it. If you want to really grab someone's attention, you have to immerse them in something that tunes out all that noise. I think that's why even simple visuals like KEXP Sessions or Take Away Shows blew up as quickly as they did. If those same performances were only available as live audio, I don't know that they would be as successful. I've caught myself more than a few times 2 hours deep in a Youtube hole without realizing it because I am completely engrossed in an artist's channel, and that is a difficult thing to do these days."


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  1. Absolutely loved the song and the video was brilliant!