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Meet the Old Adage

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A few weeks ago a friend passed along an album that peaked my interest. It was fun, it was pop but it had a little more depth and a lot more dance. Needless to say, I asked my friend to tell me more! The band is called The Old Adage. Siblings Mimi Chavez and Nino Chavez have teamed up to create some really solid jams. Their latest album Cycles is being released this Friday, April 1st at North Lights Lounge in Detroit. If you haven't heard this band yet you need to check out the new album;s first singe Brother here.

We reached out to the band to ask a little more about this up and coming duo. Check out what they had to say and join them to party this Friday!

HID- How do you describe your sound?
NINO: An erratic Indie electronic maybe? That's always a hard thing for me to judge cause I like to pull ideas from different genres of music and sometimes it just feels like a jumbled genre of pop or rock.

HID- When did the two of you start creating music together?
MIMI: Right around when Nino started playing guitar. That was in 2007.

HID- What is the best part about making music with your sibling? What is the worst part about it?
NINO: The best part about doing music with my sister is probably the fact that it's so convenient living together and with such similar backgrounds and experiences we're on the same page a lot of times. The worst part...Probably the fact that we're siblings and still fight and we live together so it's hard to get away from each other sometimes, ha.

HID- Do your parents ever come to your shows?
MIMI: When we first started out she was there every show. Now that we have had so many shows she makes it out every so often, and even less now because she lives in Florida, but she 100% supports our music and our vision for it. & our dad lives in Mexico...haha

HID- Name your three biggest musical influences: NINO: gah that's a hard one because every other song I listen to influences me. But if I had to pick three at the moment: Taylor Swift, Twenty One Pilots, and Avicii

HID- What was your inspiration for the new album?
MIMI: Mostly our views on life, and what actual truth is. We started to feel pretty passionate about what we "believe" and about what life meant to us. & TWENTY ONE PILOTS heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

HID- Why did you name the new album Cycles?
NINO: In my mind we named it Cycles because small and large cycles exist in all parts of life. From the life cycle of a star, to the water cycle, and even the circle of life if you would. Energy recycles and we're all a part of it.

HID- Where did you record the album?
MIMI: @ our home studio "Little Butter Records" in Monroe, MI.

HID- What do you like about playing in Detroit? NINO: I like playing Detroit because it feels like home. We grew up going to church and were babysat in southwest so we spent a lot of time there. We never lived there but no where else feels as close to a hometown.

HID- What makes a Old Adage show special?
MIMI: I feel like I'd have to brag about that feels what makes our show special. People have said they love the energy we give off, people have said they have enjoyed the show itself, we tend to be a little theatrical and add in little dance moves or short transitional "scenes" per say. We are passionate about what we do and I think people see why we are doing what we are doing.

HID- If you could open for any band in the world who would it be?
NINO: Oh maaann...probably T Swift. Not because we're so relevant just the idea that it'd be an awesome show
MIMI: Twenty One Pilots

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
NINO: You are awesome.

I have listened to the album a few times through and I love it. If you liked what you heard consider heading out to Northern Lights Lounge at 9 pm on Friday. You can watch The Old Adage perform alongside Nina and the Buffalo Riders, Tahnz and The Filthy Animals. and a guest performance from Stretch. Northern Lights Lounge is located at 660 W Baltimore St, Detroit, Michigan 48202. 


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