Sunday, April 24, 2016

You Have to Try the Almond Boneless Chicken at The Peterboro

According to historical researchers Detroit had two locations that were once called Chinatown. The first was located where the MGM Grand Casino now stands, it was established in 1872 and relocated to to Cass and Peterboro sometime in the 1960s. The last business, called Chung's closed its doors in 2000 and the area has laid dormant for the last 16 years. Then, about a year ago, there were whispers that Detroit's Chinatown might be coming back.

Over the last year, lots of new businesses have returned to the area. This includes Iconic Tattoos and Plato Beer Company. Most importantly, a Chinese restaurant has returned to Chinatown, aka the corridor.

The Peterboro is the latest new edition to the rich food scene that is taking over the city of Detroit. They serve "contemporary American Chinese food" and lots of unique craft cocktails. Chef Brion Wong has crafted a one of a kind menu that offers a twist on your typical Chinese food. This includes items like Vegetable Fried Rice and Almond Boneless Chicken, Fish Croquettes and Mushroom Salad.

I visited the space on Friday night with a friend and we sampled our way through the menu. Overall, I enjoyed the food and there were a few items that really made my taste buds dance. We started out the night with Scrambled Duck Egg with Morels, Asparagus Tips, and English Peas:
We followed that up with English Peas with Burnt Soy and Butter:

Crispy Pork Belly:
and Scallop Crudo (top) and Fish Croquette (below):
Then for our meal we split the Almond Boneless Chicken:

and the Mongolian Hanger Steak (add rice if you want!):
Finally, for dessert we split the Sugar Egg Puff:

My favorite items were the Pork Belly (I don't usually like pork!), the English Peas (think edamame, but better), the Scallops (spicy!), the Fish Croquettes (great dipping sauce on the side) and the Almond Boneless Chicken. The Duck Egg was a little too eggy for me, and the steak was a little too salty (my dining mate disagreed BTW). The Almond Boneless Chicken was unique, unlike any other version I have ever had. It was better than the gravy covered stuff I'm used to and I highly recommend it. I also loved that a lot of the dishes included mushrooms, they are a personal favorite of mine and they make any meal a little better by just being there. Dessert was wonderful, light, flaky, sugary and sweet.

I also threw back a few perfectly mixed Skeleton Keys at the recommendation of the bartender. The quality of the drinks made it clear that the minds behind Sugarhouse are also running the bar at The Peterboro. To top it all off, we received impeccable service from the second we walked in. I highly recommend checking this out the next time you're craving Chinese. 


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