Monday, January 26, 2015

Win Tickets to see Marilyn Manson

I remember the first time I saw Marilyn Manson on TV. It was back in the day when MTV ruled the world. Not only did I love his sound, but I also loved his look. This pale, skinny, creepy ass dude related to me in a way that no other artist had before. I started smearing my lipstick a little more (on purpose of course), wore fishnets on my arms, and listened to Smells Like Children and Portrait of an American Family until the CDs were too scratched to play anymore. During this time I had the privilege of seeing him perform live twice. As you can imagine, he put on one of the most amazing live shows that I have ever seen, even to this day. His show reminded me of Alice Cooper and he paved the way for many of today's best live performers, including Lady Gaga. His next two albums Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals were also great listens, but after that I sort of lost touch with his music. He also seemed to step away from the spotlight for a few years.

It seems that he is ready to re-emerge and is ready to release some new music and go out on tour. His latest album is called The Pale Emperor and thanks to an early leak, I have been listening to the album for a few weeks now. And it is good, very, very good. It reminds me of the Manson that I first fell in love with. It is one of those recordings that is solid from start to finish, there is not a bad song. You can stick this one on the player and just let it ride. And, for the first time in a long time, you can see him perform live.

Marilyn Manson will be heading to The Fillmore on Tuesday, February 3rd and in my opinion this is a not miss event. Christie and I will both be in attendance, I cannot wait to see what he does next.  Tickets for the show are only $45 to $80 in advance and they can be purchased here. You can also win one of two pairs of tickets that we have to giveaway to two lucky readers. To enter to win those tickets, please email your full name to with the subject line "I want to see Marilyn Manson". We will draw two winners the day before the show and email them details on how to claim their prize. We wouldn't miss this one for the world and we do not think that you should either!


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