Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's Your Chance to be a Part of the Detroit Music Awards!

Any of you that have been following Hip In Detroit for a while know that we have mixed feelings on the Detroit Music Awards. Yes, many of the same artists and bands have won year after year. And yes, some say that it isn't an accurate representation of the Detroit music scene. However, we did see some advances last year and it seems as though the people behind the DMAs are making an effort to make this year's awards even better and more inclusive. Here are some changes that they have made:
  • After winning the same category for two consecutive years, an act will be exempt for the following year but will be eligible again the year after that.
  • What was formerly the Acoustic/Folk category will now be known as Americana.
  • The Rock field will now include the categories Rock/Pop, Heavy Rock and Alt/Punk/Indie.
  • The Blues/R&B field will now be known solely as Blues.
  • The Urban/Funk field will now be known solely as Urban but will still include Funk, Soul and other sub-genres related to that heading.
  • A separate Rap field has been added, with the categories of Outstanding Rap Recording, Outstanding Rap MC, Outstanding Rap Composer and Outstanding Rap Producer.
  • The World/Reggae/Ska field will now be known solely as World Music, but will include Reggae, Ska and other sub-genres related to that heading.
Last year we were definitely happy to see a wider variety of people from the Detroit music community at least nominated, and that all starts with you. The Detroit Music Awards are ultimately decided by a designated group. However, there are 3 stages on the road to a DMA, with the first being the submission phase. During Phase I anyone can submit anyone from the Detroit music scene. So that means you, yes you, can submit your band or your favorite band. There are actually a number of different categories to nominate people in. The main categories are the genres of Americana, Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic/Dance, General, Gospel/Christian, Jazz, Rock, Urban, World Music and Rap. Within each of those categories there are subcategories for everything from bands to individual musicians. Basically the only rule is that you can't submit someone that has already been nominated. So read the list to see who is already on it! For all of the rules and to get started, click here. The submission phase runs from now 'til January 30th. So make sure you get on it soon!

If you would like to be included in more than Phase I and actually have an opportunity to vote, all you have to do is apply. Basically, if you are involved in the Detroit Music Industry, you can register to be able to vote. This goes for musicians, managers, booking agents, sound guys, and pretty much everything in between. To register and see if you are eligible, click here.
This year's Detroit Music Awards will take place on Friday, April 10th at The Fillmore in Detroit. Prior to that, the DMAs will be holding networking events, with the first on January 27th at the new Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck. Entry is only $5 for DMA Voting Members and $10 for the public. There will be music provided by Blue SnaggletoothF. Patrick JamesHarlow, The Royal Blackbirds and Stereo Jane, appetizers, drink specials, a raffle, and of course, fowling. This is a great way to get involved with the DMAs and meet the people behind the scenes.

If you can't make it out to the event, at least submit your favorite artists now during Phase I. If you really want to get involved, try to register to vote. It's just like they say when it comes to political elections, if you don't vote, you can't complain.


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