Friday, January 9, 2015

A Family That Lost Everything Needs Your Help!

Imagine if your entire life was changed in an instant? If your home and everything you owned went up in flames? That's exactly what happened to a Royal Oak family this week. The home to the family of 7 went up in flames. Luckily they were all able to get out, but they lost everything, including their family pets. We can't even imagine how devastating this would be.

Luckily, this family has some great friends in the Detroit music scene that are already coming together to help them out. Our friends at Hell City Records have teamed up with Corktown Tavern and some Detroit bands to put on a benefit show this Saturday night, January 10th. Admission is $10 with proceeds going to the Baldwin family. That price will get you in the door and you'll get some food too. The lineup for the night includes Busby Death Chair, Serpent Men, Dummy Up, Cycle of Violence and Fetal Stress, but more bands are expected to be added to that list. There will also be raffles throughout the night. 

If you can't make it out to the show, but you would still like to help this family out, there is a Go Fund Me site set up for monetary donations. The family is also in need of the following items:

Pants 8R
Shirts 8/10
Shoe 4
Underwear medium

Pants XL and 13/14jr
Shirts 3X and XL
Shoes 8.5 and 8
Underwear 6 and 9
Bra 44H

Pants L and 3X sweats, and 30X32 and 42-44/34
Shirts XL, 3X and 8XL
Shoes 9, 11, 13

Also coats, hats and gloves for all!

Last, but not least, the organizers of this benefit show are trying to gather some items that would help comfort the family during this horrible time. They include a large print bible, crime stories and romance novels, a keyboard, video games/game system and toys (specifically monster trucks). Also, if you own a business or can provide gift cards to places like Meijer or Target, or can even donate every day items, please head over to the Go Fund Me page or the Facebook page and let them know how you can help.


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