Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Music and a New Website from Boudoir Noir

When we first head Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks we fell in love with the band. But, when that project ended we were eager to see what Maria would do next. A few months after the demise of MRSK she announced she would be working with bassist Graham Rockwood and drummer Beni Schlatter on a new project that they were calling Boudoir Noir. BN has finally launched a new website and released two singles, one of which also has a new music video to accompany it. The two new songs are titled "Change It Up" and "Summer Skin", you can give both songs a listen on their Souncloud here. You can also learn more about the band an check out their first music video over at their new website here.

I have listened to both singles a few times through and I like what I am hearing. This is the perfect music to put on during a snowy day while cuddling with someone. Their sound is soft and sexy at the same time, very different from what anyone else in Metro Detroit is currently doing.  The other amazing aspect of this act is that they don't just get on stage and perform their music, they have a whole visual show that accompanies the music. This show includes pole dancing, burlesque dancing, and a hula hoop show. Their live show is mentally and visually stimulating, which creates a unique experience.  They are one of those groups that are thinking outside of the box and trying to bring you something that you have not seen before.

The band is in the process of putting together their first EP and we will keep you updated on its release. In the meantime, we encourage you to head over to the website to see some videos of past live performances and to hear the two new singles. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from Boudoir Noir in the near future. 


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