Monday, December 29, 2014

We Wish that Every Day was Black Christmas

Friday night the Majestic complex was full of people that had enough family time over the holidays and were ready to party. Black Iris Booking took over all three stages for their 3rd annual Black Christmas. This year's lineup was as bad ass, with a few legendary Detroit bands on the bill too.

Two of the most talked about bands on the lineup were Fordirelifesake and Telegraph, who were both reuniting for the event. Both drew huge crowds of fans that definitely got their money's worth. FDLS played with as much precision and energy as they did when the guys were all 20 something. Telegraph had fans dancing and singing along to old favorites and even a few off of Switched On, the album the band claims that everyone hates. Judging by the crowds response, I disagree. Telegraph announced at the show that they are giving the band a run for one more year, which was quite the Christmas gift for their fans! So keep an eye out for more shows and possible new music from them. And, in case you didn't know, Fordirelifesake also has recorded a few new songs. Head over and pick those up here.

We managed to get video of songs from both of these bands' sets. The crowds were a little rowdy, but we held strong to make sure to at least get you a glimpse of what happened.

The crowds also went crazy for a lot of other bands Friday night. Some of our favorites were the Koffin Kats, Destroy This Place, Wilson, and of course, The Suicide Machines. These bands never disappoint, but they all definitely brought their a-game for this show.

Other bands that we regrettably didn't catch, but heard also put on amazing sets were The Meatmen and Negative Approach. But, with a stacked lineup from start to finish, it was hard to catch everyone.

We applaud Sarah and Ramona of Black Iris Booking for another stellar show and one of the best lineups ever. We don't know how you pull this off every year and manage to make it bigger and better every time. We've heard a ton of people saying they wish they could relive Friday night or go to a show like that every night and we agree with them. Although Black Iris doesn't put on shows this huge every night, they put on amazing shows all year long. If you haven't already, make sure you head over and "like" them on Facebook so you don't miss out on one of them! While you're at it, head over to our Facebook page to see more pictures from Black Christmas 2014!


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