Friday, December 12, 2014

Get to Know Gosh Pith

Photo by: Alexander Herbert Weyer

Detroit is an ever changing place, new music is being created by new people everyday. Some bands struggle for years to get attention and some groups instantly have a fan base, Gosh Pith is somewhere in-between. Their music is the the product of two childhood friends who have been creating sounds together for over five years. They started off creating songs with more of a hip hop feel before they landed on their current sound. You might describe them as an electronic band but they don't really fit into any box, which is why they are so cool.

In a matter of a year they have gone from playing small shows around the city to a band that is about to open Grizmas at The Masonic Temple on Saturday, December 20th. The band only has a few songs out, you can hear those on Soundcloud here. They also have a kick ass music video that you can check out below.

We of course had to sit down with the band to learn more about the men behind the music. Josh and Josh were two of the coolest people we have come across in a long time. Their vibe is 100% positive. Their goal is to get you out one of their shows. They stressed that anyone is welcome and have some pretty deep love for their fans and followers. In fact, they just ran a kickstarter to create hoodies that they plan to hand out for FREE. Yes, you heard us, they want to give away merch when they meet their fans.

Check out our interview with the boys and head over to Ticketmaster to scoop up tickets to see them on the 20th alongside Griz, Will Sessions, and ODESZA. If you haven't heard of Gosh Pith, keep your ears open. They are going to be on everyone's radar soon enough!


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