Monday, December 29, 2014

PRTY Crew Collective

Detroit is known for fast cars and even faster music. We are a very proud people who work hard and in turn party very hard. We hustle during the day and celebrate the fruits of our labors late into the night. There is always a new bar to check out, a new band to see play, and a party that you simply cannot miss. If you're bored, then you are doing it wrong. But, do not fear, there is hope for you yet!

PRTY Crew Collective has officially launched and is here to school you on the art of party. This new Detroit clothing line is the brain child of Mike Moore (Ironclad Tattoo), Matt Puhy (Wilson), and Ryan Fender. They are well versed in the art of party and came up with a line that they think accurately captures the essence of Detroit. This line is working on releasing everything from shirts to underwear. Their designs are being created by some of Detroit's best local talent and the art is being printed on some high quality duds. They are going to be setting up shop at all sorts of local events and you're going to hear about them eventually, so we thought we would check in with the trio to get you all of the details right from the start.

Check out what they had to say about this new venture and head over to the website to pick up something new with all of that Christmas money you just received.

HID- What made you decide to join together to start a t-shirt line?
PRTY- "For the past year and a half there has been a good handful of us that have been talking about this general idea. A lot has been ideas while we were out at a bar, party, or group texts. We had the base of what we wanted but it was being made more complicated then it needed to be. So with that said we never settled on a name or got the ball moving, though we had some great ideas. Fast forward until a few months ago when sitting at The Loving Touch, I, Mike Moore, brought it back up to Puhy. He told me that he has been thinking about it lately also. Prior to this Ryan Fender has told me his ideas and it was the same direction I wanted to go. So it naturally made sense for us 3 to pursue this. With all our friends, connections and reach, the timing seemed right."

HID- What is the idea behind PRTY Crew Collective?
PRTY- "We design apparel for the PRTY Animals, because that's what we are and that's who we care about!!! There are all different kinds of people who like to party. Granted that everyone doesn't party the same way we do personally, but we want to appeal to as many as we can. We also want to spotlight all the fun and crazy times that ourselves, friends, and customers have. We plan on posting pictures and video of said good times."

HID- Why PRTY and not PARTY?
PRTY- "I think we wrote it on Fender's face when we were drunk one time"

HID- Who designed the shirts and logos?
PRTY- "The ideas for the designs were thought up by us but the artist behind the Coffin, Death Tarot, and the Detroit PRTY City designs was Emmanuel Mendoza from Ironclad Tattoo Co. The MMPC front chest was from Justin Tyler (Tribute Tattoo) and the back was Kaelin Dettloff from Ironclad Tattoo Co. Kaelin also helps with promo photos and Emmanuel is going to be doing a lot of work with us. His style fits a lot with what we are about."

HID- How many different styles are you going to be selling?
PRTY- "We plan on selling all sorts of styles front tees, tanks, booty shorts, hats, shorts, jackets, ect. We want to continuously grow and grow to provide apparel for all the different kinds of PRTY Animals out there."

HID- What will the average cost of a shirt be?
PRTY- "Most of our tees and tanks will start at $24. We will have items that are lower, items that are higher and even throw sales out here and there. We are printing on only high quality materials to provide the best quality for those who buy our stuff. "

HID- Will you be releasing new styles frequently?
PRTY- "Yes we will be releasing new style for sure every season and whenever we are to eager to get a design out between seasons. We want to keep this fresh and always moving forward. "

HID- Where will people be able to purchase their gear?
PRTY- "Our clothing can be purchased at, sponsored events, pop-up shops, and any time it just seems like a great idea. "

HID- Anything else that you would like our readers to know?
PRTY- "We are very excited to see this company grow, each one of us brings our own style and uniqueness, that when combined, should make for some exciting, or at the very least, awk-weird designs and products. NOTE: we are hiring unpaid interns to take notes for our meetings since they're always held in the bar and after were about five shots deep."

You can check out the new website for PRTY Crew Collective, which just launched last Friday, here.  PRTY on!


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