Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fordirelifesake, Fordire is back!

Everyone in Detroit has that band, the band that you saw three thousand times and adored during the most formidable music years of your life. The band that defines the best era in rocking out that you can remember to date. The band that you sang along to, attended every show, and just plain loved. For me that band was Fordirelifesake.

Fordirelifesake formed in 1999, and from the first time I saw them I was hooked. Their shows were epic, people came out and went crazy. They were different than anything that anyone was else was doing at the time. They were screamo with super metal riffs and some bad ass guitar shredding. They were intoxicating and quickly became the band to go out and see. I can remember getting their first CD. It was clear and had a picture of a razor blade with some blood on it. My parents hated it, which of course made me love it even more.

Fordirelifesake put out music through 2004 and called it quits a few years later. I have asked them countless times when they would be playing a reunion show, and they always said NEVER! Apparently that was a promise that they couldn't keep because it was recently announced that they would be playing this year's Black Christmas on December 26th and releasing some new music. Be still my heart, a live show and new music! They put out one song last week which can be heard here. They will be also be releasing two more new songs on December 16th.

I contacted Brian Southall to find out more about this reunion show and the release of the new music. Check out what he had to say and make sure to be there on the 26th.
HID- What made FDLS decide to reunite to record some new music and play this year's Black Xmas?
Brian Southall- "The lovely Ramona Caldwell had made a few mentions throughout the year about wanting us to play Black Xmas. Reunion shows are a tricky thing, and all of us felt a little odd about that... but then we realized it would be a chance to finish up some music that we had worked on years ago, and that fueled the fire to all get together again and have some fun."

HID- When did you write the new songs? Are these old songs that never got recorded or new songs?
Brian Southall- "There are actually many FDLS songs that never got properly recorded and obviously never got released. This particular batch of songs actually dates back to about 3-4 years ago. Some ideas Justin and I had documented for fun one summer. Being that these were the most complete/new song ideas, we approached Wedge, Eric and Dave and asked if they would all want to bring these to the table and arrange and record them as Fordirelifesake songs."

HID- Why did you name the new EP Speak Ill of the Dead?
Brian Southall- "The title was actually something we had kicked around for years, something that Wedge always liked. In this case it seemed pretty fitting and also gave us a chance to make fun of ourselves as well with a slight double entendre. The double part being a foreshadow of the hate we would likely get for reuniting and releasing new music, instead of remaining a dead band! I won't clue you in to what the deeper real meaning is, you'll just have to analyze the lyrics and see who we hate these days."

HID- Fordirelifesake had some lineup changes over the years. What lineup will be playing together for Black Christmas?
Brian Southall- "This will be the original lineup, minus the great Frank Saponare of course from our 2 singer days. Eric, Justin, Brian, Wedge, Dave."

HID- What vintage Fordire song are you most looking forward to playing again?
Brian Southall- "We actually posted a poll this time to let the fans choose our set for this show, so our secret favorite songs didn't have much of a chance to make the cut. I think I personally have the most fun playing the "Deluge Split" era songs. I think that was when we hit our stride and really defined our sound."

HID- Off the top of your head, what was your favorite live show that FDLS ever played?
Brian Southall- "Sadly it was probably the final show at the Magic Stick. First of all, to share the stage with The Weakend and Wafflehouse* made it perfect. Second, it was definitely the biggest show we had played as a headlining band, and everyone lost their damn minds in that place. I think we set the record for most fights during a Magic Stick show. Our fans are angry angry people."
HID- Will there be more songs or is this it?
Brian Southall- "It's hard to say right now. We are all having an amazing time hanging out again, and I know everyone would love to make some more music, so it will really just depend on time. Life's different at 32 than it was at 22!"
HID-What bands from the Black Christmas lineup are you are most looking forward to seeing ?
Brian Southall- "The Suicide Machines, their keyboard player is very attractive. Other than that, I can't wait to watch Hellmouth burn the building down."

HID- What other projects are all of you working on now?
Brian Southall: "Brian - nothing yet, but the last failure was - & obviously the Suicide Machines
Wedge - / - -"
HID- What are your New Year's resolutions?
Brian Southall- "We all want to be able to deadlift 500lbs, and hope for world peace."

Catch the band Friday, December 26th at Black Iris Booking's Black Christmas at the Majestic Complex in Detroit. Tickets are only $25 in advance and can be purchased here.


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