Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your Guide to Shopping Local this Christmas!

The holidays are upon us and we are all in a shopping frenzy trying to get the perfect gifts for the ones we love. Personally I do not do Black Friday or any of the hype shopping. Instead I usually opt for online shopping (I'm a Amazon and Etsy addict) and local retailers. I like to find gifts that are one of a kind or special in some way. The smaller stores tend to cater to this by carrying different and unique items that you're not going to find on the sale pages of Target or Walmart. We decided to put together a shopping guide of local stores and companies that our readers may be interested in checking out this holiday season.

Incognito (Royal Oak)

This is by far my favorite place to buy shoes and jewelry. They always have the newest trends and they are reasonably priced. The staff is fun to shop with and they are not afraid to help you out, let you try things on, and treat you with the one on one service that you can only dream of at most stores. They have been having crazy specials like 25% off everything, buy one get one half off, ect. “Like” them on Facebook to keep up with their daily and weekly specials.

UHF Records (Royal Oak)
This is one of the only record shops left and it has one of the best music selections that you can ask for. They carry a variety of titles new and old. This is the perfect place to pick up a rare album for a music geek or get the latest from your favorite local musicians as well as bigger name acts.

Leon & Lulu (Clawson)
This retailer features roller skating employees, funny books and gifts, and awesome jewelry and furniture. They even pass out cookies at the door for you to enjoy while you shop. This is the place to go to find a gift for that hard to shop for person. They have they most eclectic variety of items that I have ever seen. You will find something for everyone on your list and probably a few things for yourself.

Ironclad Tattoo Co. (Troy)
When I was 15 I stretched out my ears. Do I regret it? I used to, until I found out about Ironclad. They showed me a world where I can buy jewelry for my huge holes that is actually as cute and maybe even cuter than what a “normal” girl could buy at a regular store. They carry unique pieces for all your piercing needs, including some of the coolest septum rings I have ever seen. They even have real gold, diamonds, and pieces made of wood. You can also get gift cards for tattoos for someone who has been hoping to start a new piece. I highly suggest their artists, as they are the only ones I have let touch my skin. This is also one of the only places in the area that you can buy InkAddict apparel in person. They have also been running daily specials leading up to the holidays, so check the site often to get a discount.

Sparked (Clawson)
This is a new retailer that just opened up shop in Clawson. They have one of a kind glass pieces and are the only place that you can get Vile Co. merchandise in person in Michigan at this time. Owner Matt Williams is constantly expanding what they carry and is looking for input from local customers that will be frequenting the store. Stop in and check out what they have and let him know what you hope that they will carry in the future. They have also been posting daily and weekly specials on Facebook, so don't forget to “like” them.

The Detroit Mercantile Co. (Eastern Market - Detroit)
This is a Detroit themed store that doesn't make you want to puke. They actually carry some really nice stuff, including clothing, dog items, blankets, stationary, hats, socks, hoodies, ect. They also carry wares from local designers and merchants. Again, this is the place to get a one of a kind gift for someone that is hard to shop for, especially if they love Detroit!

The Rust Belt Market (Ferndale)
This market changes every day. They have new booths moving in and retailers continue to expand what they sell. I suggest buying a coffee right when you walk in and then walking around and seeing what you can find. I saw a shark tooth necklace and a few painting that I would love to own when I was there a week ago. To find hours and learn more about the current vendors, check out their website.

Scout (Royal Oak)
This is another unique gift shop that carries lots of one of a kind items. They are right by UHF records in Royal Oak and they are constantly getting in new items.

Lost & Found Vintage (Royal Oak)
This is my favorite place to look for a new old fur coat, or a well broken in leather jacket. This store does upscale vintage really well. There is no junk to go through, just forgotten treasures. They carry male and female clothing and accessories and are right next door to Scout and UHF. So you can hit up all three at the same time and get a lot of shopping done in one swoop!

Those are just some of the places that we love to shop during the holidays. Happy hunting and happy holidays to you all. Don't forget to keep it local this Christmas and all year round if you can!


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