Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cadaver Dogs at The Loving Touch!!!

I cant believe that The A Gang is playing with the Cadaver Dogs at The Loving Touch this Friday. Even more shocking is that only 50 of you weirdos have replied to the Facebook event. I know that The Facebook isn't the coolest and hippest place to get show announcements anymore (we are, duh), but I still expect more of you to be planning to go to this show.

 Have you ever seen Cadaver Dogs? They are good friends with Wilson and used to play a lot of shows together. Does that refresh your memory? Their brand of rock and roll will literally make your panties wet whether you like it or not (both male and female panties). Combine them with The A-Gang, a band that is not only good but features the mind blowing Nick Giggler on drums, and you have a solid show on your hands. 

This show is only $5 and 18+ are welcome. The Loving Touch is located at 22634 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. Don't be lame. Come out and have a good time at the show.


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