Monday, December 9, 2013

Murder City Misfits

The holidays are a great time to give thanks for all that we have and give back to those that do not have as much. You don't have to be able to make a big donation to make a difference, you can make a difference by simply cleaning out your closet and sending your old duds off to someone in need. A small local charity called Murder City Misfits is having a clothing drive to collect clothes for those in need this winter. They would like to get you involved. This is one of many ways that the Misfits are getting together to make a difference. They have a core group that is also active in women's rights, animal rights, and anything that they feel is positive for them to participate in. This is a perfect example of the punk rock community coming together to make a difference in the world around them. Take a second to read a little more about The Murder City Misfits and see how you can involved.

Hip In Detroit- What made you start this charity?
MCM- "Murder City Misfits started as a group of people who just don’t fit into society’s mold. One way or another we are looked down on, kind of like how the rest of the country looks down on cities like Detroit and Flint. We got together to prove them all wrong and pick our communities up. We have all in some way felt the sting of struggle and just want to reach out to those in need."

Hip In Detroit- What is the idea behind it?
MCM- "Murder City Misfits raises money, awareness and support for different local organizations and charities. We support things we care about like homelessness, poverty, at risk youth, women, suicide, animal welfare, chronic illness and more. We try to promote positivity and encourage everyone to be kind hearted and giving. We aren’t looking for recognition just simply trying to spread the idea of change. A ripple effect. Change your mind, change the world."

Hip In Detroit- What are you doing right now to help out your local community?
MCM- "Right now we are having a clothing drive for local homeless/women/youth shelters and centers. Baldwin Center (Pontiac), Haven (Pontiac), and Covenant House (Detroit). Details are on our Facebook page. We will being starting a dog food and toy drive for local rescues as soon as we get all the details situated as well."  
Hip In Detroit- How can people get clothes to you to be dropped off at shelters?
MCM- "As of now, we have one drop off location. Tufts and Tails grooming salon 2520 Airport Rd., Waterford . You can also message us on Facebook or e-mail I am willing to make arrangements to come pick stuff up. We are always looking for more help with drop of locations."

Hip In Detroit- How can we learn more about what you are doing or keep up to date on what’s next for the Murder City Misfits?
MCM- Follow us on:
Twitter- @mcm_detroit
Instagram- murdercitymisfits

Hip In Detroit- Where would you like to see your non profit in a year?
MCM- "I’d like to see more people involved in the change. Maybe a self run DIY youth skate park in the works. Just getting more things accomplished in the community."

Hip In Detroit- Favorite bands, bars, and places to shop in Detroit?
XgutterX- "Favorite Detroit band will always be The Suicide Machines, but I've been listening to Fires In Japan a lot lately. When I do get out, I end up at Small’s often. And I love the Rust Belt. I know they aren’t technically in Detroit, but close enough."
Belladonna- "Favorite Detroit bands/performers are Buck Nell, The Suicide Machines, Break Anchor, Gutter Ghouls, Amino Acids and favorite bars New Dodge, Grand Trunk, Comet, Dragonmead (although that might be in Warren) and Atwater."


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