Thursday, December 5, 2013

Monster Drawing Rally at MOCAD

I love to watch someone do something that they are good at. I find myself invigorated and inspired by other people's talents and success. Monster Drawing Rally combines my love of watching someone create art with my love for charity. This yearly event is a chance for you to see some of Detroit's up and coming artists and purchase new pieces for your home at reasonable prices, while donating some money to the MOCAD for future events and galleries.

This year they have gathered over 90 artists to get together and create one of a kind works of art while people like me and you watch. These artists will each sit and work for an hour and at the end of the hour the artwork that they produce will be hung on the wall and sold. Each piece will only cost $40 and the proceeds from the sale help support The MOCAD. This year's artists include:

Aaron Jones
Adil Akhtar
Andrew Thompson & Justin Hein
Ann Bartges
Ashley Cook
Augusta Morrison
Bernadette Witzack
Brook Banham
Cedric Tai
Chris Riddell
Christopher Batten
Claire D'Aoust
Corina M. Fadel
Corrie Baldauf
Dalia Reyes
Davin Brainard
Dolores Slowinski
Endi Poskovic
Eric Fogle
Eric Willis
Gary Schwartz
Graem Whyte
Hamilton Poe
Hannah Chalew
Heidi Barlow
Heidi Kumao
Ivan Antonio Gamboa
Jimbo Easter
James Noellert
Jason J Ferguson
Jeff Arcel
Jeffrey Risk
Jeremy Wheeler
jerome Ferretti
Jim Cogswell
Jonathan Rajewski
Kylie Lockwood
Louise Chen
Lynne Avadenka
Margaret Parker
Mary Beth Carolan
Mary Fortuna
Matt Dye
Megan Heeres
Megan Major
Melissa Dettloff
Michael McGillis
Mïïgun Rotary
Mike Ross
Nathan Jerde
Nick Tobier
Osman Khan
Parisa Ghaderi
PD Rearick
Robb Sansone DiMaria
Roland Graf Assocreation - featuring Claude Christensen-Diehl
Sean Bieri
Shaina Kasztelan
Tavi Veraldi
Timmy Lampinen
Toby Millman
Wes Taylor

This rally takes place on Friday, December 6th at 7 pm. The MOCAD is located at 4454 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. It is $10 to get in and they will have food, drinks, and a DJ.


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