Thursday, November 21, 2013

Help John Haley Take a Plunge to Help the Special Olympics!!!

Here at Hip in Detroit we are a sucker for a charity with a good cause. We love to see our readers step up to the plate and do something to make a difference in the community. From cleaning up Brush Park this summer to gaming for a cause, we have seen all sorts of ways to give back to the community around us, but this one is probably the chilliest. I received an email from an old friend who is dipping his entire body into into very cold water to raise money for the Special Olympics. The Detroit Polar Plunge will take place on February 15th at the Renaissance Center and Milliken State Park and John will be there dipping for a cause.

He doesn’t seem to be worried about shrinkage or his own well being. Instead he just wants to be the biggest fund raiser for the cause and make his dip the biggest money maker of the day. We want to help him raise as much money as possible, so we asked him a couple questions about the event and why he decided to join in. After you read about the cause, we ask you to donate anything you can spare so that we can show him that here in Detroit we really do care about each other. 
Hip In Detroit- What is The Polar Plunge?
John- "The Polar Plunge is an event put on by The Law Enforcement Torch Run. It benefits the Special Olympics, to ensure all athletes are able to compete."

Hip In Detroit- Why did you choose to raise money for the Special Olympics?
John- "I'm a strong believer in the Special Olympics. If you have ever been to an event, and witnesses how much joy it brings to their faces, I'm willing to risk hypothermia."

Hip In Detroit- What costume do you plan to wear?
John- "You know, I have not really thought about that, maybe your followers can help on that front. I need ideas."

Hip In Detroit- Have you ever done anything like this before? If not what moved you to do so now?
John- "I actually stumbled upon this after finding out Honest John's Bar stopped doing the Dips for Tots. I participated in that event years ago and it was also for a great cause. The big difference between the two events is that I was 50 sheets to the wind during the dip and I feel like that was an advantage!"

Hip In Detroit- We are worried about the cold water and your balls, are you?
John- "I'm not too worried about my balls. They have been to hell and back, yet they never have failed me."

Hip In Detroit- Do you have any family or friends joining you or are you plunging alone?
John- "I decided to join on my own, I neglected to option to join a team, I have the D.I.Y mentality, I'm going it alone. After I signed up I found out another friend had joined after seeing my FB post, which is rad. The more the merrier."

Hip In Detroit- Anything else that you want our readers to know?
John- "Thanks to Hip In Detroit, and anyone who helps me on this adventure. The real winners are the athletes, but I'd sure love to be the top fundraiser, this is WHERE you come in."

To donate to John and help him raise money for this excellent cause please click on his page here. Remember, every dollar helps and in the end we are all winners for making a difference and helping those who aren't as fortunate as we are.


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