Friday, November 22, 2013

The Katt's Meow - Your New Guide to Beauty

My friend Katrina works at Luigi Bruni Salon in Birmingham and is known to be quite the hairdresser, stylist, and makeup artist. She is always looking flawless and some of her morning selfies make me want to puke; she's more put together at 8 a.m. than I am on my best day. The best part is that it doesn't look like she is trying too hard, just knows how to highlight the right things and make the most of what she has. I was excited to find out that she had launched a new blog called to share her knowledge with the rest of us. She posts almost daily about the latest and greatest from hair and makeup tricks to new products. She has all sorts of amazing photo from the jobs that she has done and she's a world traveler that gets to go everywhere for her work.

I decided to use this opportunity to ask her about some of her makeup and hair tricks along with her dos and don'ts. She had a lot of interesting advice, which further leads me to believe that she is my new beauty guru. Check out what she has to say below and visit the website daily to keep learning along with me. She makes it fun to be a girl!

Hip In Detroit- What inspired you to become a hairdresser and makeup artist?
Katrina- "I have a serious love for fashion - movies - starlettes - models - artists - designers, it started when I was so young. I was obsessed with magazines and knew that when I was older it was something I wanted to pursue because doing my own hair and makeup just wasn't fulfilling enough."

Hip In Detroit-What inspired you to start your new website The Katt’s Meow? How often will it be updated? What kind of information can your readers expect to find?
Katrina- " has been on my mind for 2 years now- people ask me for advice on EVERYTHING-I've done and seen a lot in my life and I love spreading any knowledge I have on products- how to DIY- etc. It comes easy for me so why not SHARE with everyone? I update the site every morning except Sundays."

Hip In Detroit- When applying eyeliner? Do you start from the inside and go out, or outside and go in? Is one way better than the other?
Katrina- "Start from the middle to end then stop - reevaluate and from outward in go for a wingtip -keep Qtips on hand for clean up."

Hip In Detroit- Big eyebrows are all the rage right now but mine are blonde and have to be drawn on no matter what. Any tips on how to fill them in and get them to stay there? They always seem to fade after a hour!
Katrina- "When you get your hair colored- color your brows 2 shades darker and you'll get a darker vibe. I love Anastasia's brow pencils and a lil swipe of hairspray on your finger then on top of brow helps to set it."

Hip In Detroit- What's the trick to giving yourself a great blowout at home?
Katrina- "Well it depends on your hair- if it's fine, volume mousse and start blowing, don't let it air dry- you'll get no volume. I love velcro rollers. After blowout, spray some Oribe Dry for extra push - if you have wavy thick hair use a straightening serum mixed with oil brush then and let it sit for 10 minutes before you blow. Then sectioning is key - take breaks and don't rush- when it's still warm use your fingers to push and go in the direction you want...A great blow dryer really does help!!!"

Hip In Detroit- If you were stuck on a desert island and only had three cosmetic items with you what would they be?
Katrina- "Benefit- Their "Real” mascara. Tom Ford lipgloss. Sugar Pink- Kat Von D liquid liner in Carbon. I would say bronzer, but I would be geting a great tan if I was on an island!"

Hip In Detroit- Who are you style inspirations and why?
Katrina- "I loveeeeee Marilyn Monroe (as my icon)! JLO & Beyoncé because I'm a thick girl and although I'm working on my weight, I love my curves and these 2 totally show them off . I love GLAM! I also have an insane addiction to KATE MOSS!!!!! My whole house is filled with her! LOL"

Hip In Detroit- Number one makeup or hair mistake that women make in your opinion?
Katrina- "For makeup, it's not wearing any & contouring themselves into drag queens. For hair, over relaxing/ straightening."

Hip In Detroit- Fav brands/products right now? Go!
Katrina- "Concealer - Yves St. Laurent - Touche Éclat
Mascara - Benefit - Their Real also Loreal - Voluminous
Lipstick - MAC - Kinda Sexy gloss (besides Tom Ford); Beauty is Life - Venise gloss @Barneys
Eye Shadow- Urban Decay - Naked Palettes
Face Lotion- Skin Medica - Rejuvenative Moisturizer
Nail Polish- Akastyle - MAKES NO APOLOGIES @ Luigi Bruni Salon
Curl Enhancer - Oribe Creme for Style & Oribe Apres Beach Spray @ Luigi Bruni Salon
Hair Straightener - Polish - Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing oil & Oribe Royal Blowout
Blush- NARS Orgasm & Estee Lauder in Naughty"

Hip In Detroit- The one piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory that you can't leave home without?
Katrina- "I can’t leave home without accessories- when I'm going out I load it on - I have serious jewelry issues!"

Hip In Detroit-You travel a lot for work, what's your favorite place to visit?
Katrina- "I get to travel for work a lot, but my absolute fave was PARIS working with Oribe for Giorgio Armani."

Hip In Detroit- Fall fashion must haves according to Katt?
Katrina- "Dark lipstick- leather jacket- something furry."

Hip In Detroit- Favorite local music artists, restaurants, bars?
Katrina- "MOLA1(My Brilliant brother) & Ben Sharkey
                 Restaurant - CRAVE, Bar-Bosco"

Hip In Detroit- Anything else you want our readers to know?
Katrina- "I would love readers to know that my absolute passion in life is my WORK!!!! But, my family is the reason my heart beats. My aunt, uncle, and my bro are the push behind me that make me DREAM BIG & give me confidence to believe I can do anything..I feel like I'm just getting started 19 years later in this biz ...stay tuned."


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