Monday, November 18, 2013

Recap of an Amazing Saturday Night at Small's with The Company We Keep, Child Bite and Rebel Spies!

Saturday night at Small's was kind of amazing. It was one of those great nights were you enjoy every band on the bill and get a chance to hang out with a bunch of people that you love that happen to love music as much as you do.

I left the Detroit Derby game a few minutes before the end of the match to make sure that I was at Small's to see the first band of the night, Rebel Spies. They are new to the scene, but feature a great lineup of Detroit music veterans. The band has former and current members of Fordirelifesake/ The A-Gang/ Hellmouth/ The Suicide Machines/ Telegraph/ The Hard Lessons/ The Grande Nationals/ and more. With a lineup like this, I expected it to be good, but was totally impressed by their show. I had no idea that singer Jeff Sanguis had so much power behind his voice. It was pure rock and roll done well, my only complaint is they need to write more music and have a longer set, it was over too fast for me!

Photo Credit: Matt Moy
 Next up was Child Bite, a band that I have always supported and enjoyed. I was sad to hear that they are taking an indefinite break as they are losing their drummer, but will hopefully be back before we know it. They always entertain and play a solid set, and they did it again on Saturday.

Finally, The Company We Keep took the stage to play all the music that they have been working on for their latest album released just a few weeks ago called Sound No Sound. They recorded the entire album with Haden on vocals and on the day that it was released she announced, she would no longer be part of the band for personal reasons. This left the guys with two weeks to scramble and get another female singer to fill in for these shows. They picked up Kara Dupuy to fill in and she blew it out of the park.

I don't care if this comes off as crass, but I saw Haden once about a year ago and I personally think that Kara was a better fit for the music with a much better stage presence. The band killed it! This is rock and roll for 2013 at its best. The drum fills, the guitars, the keyboard, it was all amazing. I've been enjoying the album for a few weeks, but the live show blew the album out of the water. I think that this band needs to reconsider ending what they have going and instead beg Kara to go on tour with them. They really have something here and I hate to see it end before it even really started. I even had a hardcore metal fan turn to me and say, "Damn this is really good music". If you can convince a metal fan to like a rock band with a female singer, than I say you really have something worth keeping!

Either way, we wish The Company We Keep the best and congratulate them on a great album and a great album release show. If you would like to hear the album or get your own copy visit the website here. We hope that we get to see you again someday!


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