Friday, November 15, 2013

Interview with Matt Klein of Silent Lions and New Music from TART to Get You in The Mood for Saturday's Show!!!

It’s no secret that we love the Silent Lions. What they can do with 2 people on stage a lot of bands can't do with 4 or even 5. They have been on the road for a few weeks and are coming back to Detroit to end their tour at the New Way Bar this Saturday, November 16th. They are playing with The Salt and The Sea, The Yugos, and a new project from Adam Michael Lee Padden of The Hounds Below called TART.

Tart sent over a link to the first demo that they recorded and we liked what we heard. It sounds promising to say the least. We were also able to get Matt Klein from Silent Lions to take a break from his grueling driving schedule on tour to tell us about the last few weeks on the road. I have to say, I would be crabby as can be, but it seems that hes always positive and excited to play, one more reason to love this band I guess.

The show starts at 9 pm on Saturday, it's only 5 bucks to get in and 21+ are welcome. The last time we went to the New Way we had a great time and we were looking for an excuse to get back. Sounds like this is the perfect reason! The New Way is located at 23130 Woodward in Ferndale. Check out what Matt has to say, listen tot he new song from Tart, and come out to the show this Saturday.

Hip In Detroit- Best show on tour so far and why?
Matt Klein- "Our Halloween-party house show at Paperhaus in Washington D.C. was very memorable. We went as Hall and Oates (pics on our Facebook/Instagram). The crowds in D.C. have been very receptive and what's more fun than a Halloween house party?"

Hip In Detroit- Worst show on tour so far and why?
Matt Klein- "The only shows I ever consider disappointing are when we have equipment trouble. Chords failing, pedal chains cutting out, kick drums refusing to stay put. That stuff can be frustrating, but we've been relatively lucky so far this tour."

Hip In Detroit- How are you traveling? Car or van? How many people are with you?
Matt Klein- "Just Dean and I. Two dudes with GPS in a minivan, pulling a trailer just big enough to fit all our amps, drums and hardware. Our trailer has often been described as 'adorable'. No, it does not have a name."

Hip In Detroit- Weirdest place you've slept and why?
Matt Klein- "We are used to crashing people's couches and floors, so the 'weirdest' would have to be when get hooked up with a hotel once in a great while. It's certainly not as much fun, but one good night's rest can help you push through another couple days."

Hip In Detroit- Go to fast food choice?
Matt Klein- "I can get in and out of Kroger pretty fast. Buying groceries is way cheaper and healthier than hitting restaurants. I've become a steadfast devotee of the 'van sandwich'."

Hip In Detroit- Have you been able to wash your clothes? If not how many days have you been wearing the same socks?
Matt Klein- "We can usually find a day out of every seven to twelve days to throw some laundry in. But that means any 'favorite' shirts or pants may be worn past the date of expiration. And these socks?...have holes. Thanks for the reminder."

Hip In Detroit- Thing you miss most about home?
Matt Klein- "I do miss taking 2 hours to get lost watching a great movie. There are just no opportunities while on tour at this point. Too much to get done during the day, too exhausted after shows. I would just fall asleep before the dinosaurs escaped anyway..."

Hip In Detroit- One reason people need to come see you at the New Way on the 16th.
Matt Klein- "Nov 16 at New Way Bar is the last show of our Fall tour and we're playing with our summer tourmates the Yugos from Cincinnati and Detroit's The Salt and the Sea, and TART. So it's going to be a killer end to our three week adventure."


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