Monday, November 4, 2013

Let Those Staches, Beards, and Legs Go Wild! It's No Shave November!!!

There has been a lot of talk about No Shave November on the internet and a lot of my friends are participating in the event, but I am not sure that many people actually know why they aren't shaving their beards, mustaches, or legs for the entire month of November. There is actually a great reason for putting down the razor for a month! 

No shave November was started in 2004 and is an event to raise awareness for cancer, specifically prostate cancer. The idea is to donate the money that you would usually spend on shaving cream, razors, and shaving accessories to cancer research and education. Literally using your face or legs to change the face of cancer as we know it today. So, for this month and this month only I encourage all my ladies to let the legs and bushes go wild. Men it's time to grow that creep mustache or goatee that you have always wanted and help raise awareness for one of the leading causes of death for men 65 and over. No one wants to see wieners and balls fall victim to prostate cancer and together we can teach each other about early detection and prevention.

 To learn more about No Shave November or to donate to the cause, check out their website here. Together we can make a difference!


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