Friday, January 20, 2012

Solid Dudes Was Pretty Solid, Dudes.

The Solid Dudes Kitchen Season 2 Premiere had everyone drooling over their culinary creations on the big screen. The venue was awesome, Michael Trombley was spinning some good tunes, and there was free beer. Wait. Correction. Not just free beer. Free, good beer.

There was a great turnout of people that were eager to see what Dave & Derek came up with this time around. People that got there early enough had a chance to try out some Green Dot Stable's tasty food - from pb&j's to mystery meat sliders, for the brave souls. Rumor has it Bugs Bunny was on the menu.

Season 2 proved to be just as hilarious as the first one. In this season you'll learn that Dave can grow a wicked beard REALLY fast, both Dudes can seriously hold their liquor and how to cook delicious food. To add a little more spice this time around, the guys even take you on a journey overseas.

The Season 2 DVD has 6 Episodes on it and you can add it to your collection for only $10. If you already have Season 2 and you're hungry for more, check out all the sweet stuff you can get on their site! Our personal favorite is the apron, even though we don't really wear them that often. If you already have one of those, too, we want to see a picture of you wearing it...and only it.

If we haven't sold you on Solid Dudes Kitchen yet, check this out:

Solid Dudes Kitchen - Mayonnaise Trailer from Solid Dudes Kitchen on Vimeo.

We commend you on an excellent night out and a job well done, Gentlemen.


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