Friday, August 9, 2019

Shop Slow at The Eastern Market Vintage Fashion Market Three Times a Month.

Fast fashion is dead. The idea that you should run-up to the store to buy something cheap that you might only wear once is gross. Being wasteful is so 2000 and late and it's time to let it go. Reducing your buying, reusing great pieces, and recycling aka selling, giving away or trading your old duds is a whole lot sexier than exhausting more resources to create something cheap that no one needs. So, instead of searching for more fast fashion, start searching for great pieces that will last you forever.

One of the best ways to do this is to shop vintage. You might not be able to find something every time that you look around, but when you do it's really special. The key to this kind of shopping is to know all the places to go to. We love stopping into Lost and Found Vintage, Hips Resale Boutique, and Regeneration whenever we get the chance, but our bread and butter is to find a good pop-up sale because those tend to be the best way to find the good stuff. During the summer, one of the best places to find vintage is at the Eastern Market. They are currently hosting a vintage market that features @deadringerdetroit 3 times a month, on the second and 4th Saturday from 12-4 and the third Thursday from 5-9. The pop up features a curated collection of vintage items and has a purpose. They not only make slow fashion fun and accessible, but they also give a portion of the vendor fees (there are about 15 vendors) to different local charities, including MI Humane Society, Ruth Ellis Center, Green Living Science, and Planned Parenthood. So, when you shop with them you not only help save the plant and promote slow fashion, you give back to local charities that matter. It's a win-win for EVERYONE! You can find their stuff by The Eastern Market Brewing Company on Riopelle behind all the sheds. 


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