Wednesday, August 28, 2019

24 Hour Giveaway: See MC50 at St. Andrew's Hall

It's been 50 years since MC5 released their legendary album Kick Out The Jams and became one of the most interesting live bands on the planet. The Detroit rock legends created a buzz in the city that was eventually heard around the world. In less than four years, they recorded three albums, redefined what it meant to perform, and changed music forever. If you grew up in Detroit and you liked rock and roll you heard the legends of MC5 playing at The Grande Ballroom and dreamed about what it might have been like to be in that room 50 years ago. Unfortunately, most of the OG lineup was long gone before a lot of us had the chance to find out who they were and what their music meant to the City of Detroit. Thankfully, you do not have to go back in time to hear the music that the band wrote and recorded a half a century ago.

Wayne Kramer has gathered together a group of rock and roll misfits that have risen to the top of their craft to come together to make the music of MC5 come alive one more time. Kim Thayll (Soundgarden), Brenden Canty (Fugazi), Bill Gould (Faith No More), & Marcus Durant (Zen Guerrila) will be performing alongside Wayne Kramer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of MC5 this Friday, August 30th. St. Andrew's Hall will welcome this eclectic cast of talent to the stage to pay tribute to the music that captured the spirit of Detroit in 1969. Tickets to attend the show are $25+ in advance and they can be purchased here. We also have one pair of tickets to give away to the show courtesy of Live Nation Detroit. If you would like to enter to win a last-minute pair, please email your full name to with the subject line #kickoutthejams. We will draw one lucky person on the morning of the show!

Doors will open at 8:30 p.m. for this one and 18+ are welcome. Detroit's own Bars of Gold will be opening up for MC50.


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