Monday, March 26, 2018

Two Fists up for Fist of Curry

On February 11th The Huron Room in Southwest Detroit served its last meal and the restaurant closed for three days before reopening on Valentine's Day as Fist of Curry, a low key casual curry restaurant that has a groovy 70's vibe. They ditched their former nautical theme and turned back time to recreate the 70's in honor of the 1973 Bruce Lee film Fist of Fury. The space is red, yellow and orange with brown patterned wallpaper and a beaded curtain when you walk through the door.

The restaurant has a very relaxed vibe and a curated menu that features a interesting selection of new interpretations of traditional curry dishes. This includes a wide selection of entrees and appetizers that are vegetarian or vegan or can be made to cater to those diets if need be. They also have an exclusive drink menu that compliments their menu. For our very first visit to the space we decided to try all of their vegan items to see what kind of meal we could get if we went there and only ate plant based.  We are pleased to say that this was one of the most interesting meals that we have had since going plant based. It was nice to experience some new and different flavors and to be able to order straight from the menu without making any changes. We started or meal with two vegan appetizers, the curry fried cauliflower and the dragon salad.

The cauliflower is breaded with rice flour and covered in a spicy glaze with a hint of cilantro. I really loved this dish because the cauliflower kept its crispy texture despite being covered in sauce. We also ordered the Lion Salad as an appetizer. This dish featured an interesting mix of flavors including thai chili, cilantro, peanuts, curry leaves and radish mixed with arugula. This is a very spicy salad with an interesting flavor that we have never experienced before. We also really enjoyed this and would highly recommend trying both of these dishes because they are one of a kind and different from anything we have eaten anywhere else.  Finally for our main meal we tried the Smoked Tofu entree. This dish featured red curry, shredded cabbage, scallions and peanuts over Basmati rice. This dish also had an interesting flavor with a tomato base with a very powerful zing. We LOVED this dish and found that the Tom Yom Collins (a very spicy tom Collins) that we ordered was the PERFECT compliment to the entrees flavor.

We also want to mention that the portions at this place were plentiful, no small plates or supposedly shareable plates with three bites on the plate. And, all of the food that we ordered including two apps, two drinks and two meals was under $60! We highly suggest making this place a stop the next time your looking for something spicy and original. 


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