Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Win Passes to Get a Sound Bath at The Schvitz

Have you ever heard of The Schvitz. I had the honor of attending quite a few bath house parties over the years, but was more than delighted when I found out that someone has purchased the space and was planning to clean it up and reopen it. The historical space, which originally opened in 1930, was in desperate need of a face lift and a little creepy to be honest. I enjoyed myself every time that I went, but I couldn't help but think about how dirty it was and how much swinging sex there was on the weekends. It's no secret that for the least few decades the space openly welcomed swingers, which doesn't exactly scream sterile.

Since the revamp, The Schvitz has branded itself with a whole new identity. The now clean and sleek space splits its time in between being a male only, female only and mixed group space throughout the week. They also offer the room out to rent for events on the weekends. The days of sexcapades are gone, but a new era of super hip events are popping up every week. This includes hosting Haute to Death's New Year's Eve Party a few months ago and hosting a hip new event series called the Sound Bath, the first of which takes place this Friday, March 16th.

The Sound Bath series is the reason of Joey Linden, so we reached out to him to find out more about the event. Check out what he has to say and then read below to find out everything you need to know about securing your tickets for all four parties!

HID- Why did you decide to host this event at The Schvitz?
Joey Linden- "I wanted to provide a social gathering that is not a typical bar. The shared regeneration/relaxation of a bath house is what drew us in."

HID- How did you choose the artist for each event?
Joey Linden- "I wanted to do a mix of eclectic and diverse contemporary electronic artists and give, in my opinion, underrepresented local artists the platform to play these events as well."

HID- What does someone need to bring to have a good time?
Joey Linden- "Flip flops, a robe, and a positive mental outlook."

HID- Bathing suits required?
Joey Linden- "Yes-Yes"

HID- What kind of vibe are you hoping to create during these sound baths?
Joey Linden- "Hazy, relaxing, & effervescent."

HID- What is a two day steam pass?
Joey Linden- "You will get admission to the Schvitz on the following day."

HID- Do you need to bring your own towel?
Joey Linden- "You can if you want, but towels are also provided!"

HID- No pictures? Is that true?
Joey Linden- "Please no photos, people are in their bathing suits, always ask for permission. I personally wouldn't recommend bringing a camera downstairs as it gets pretty wet down in the banya."

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Joey Linden- "YES.... you will be able to listen to music in the actual steam room....... come experience the magic ;)"

Tickets to be a part of the experience are $25 in advance. You can also purchase a two day pass to comeback the next day for $50 or a season pass for one for $100. Finally, you can enter to win a pair of tickets to the first event by emailing your full name to with the subject line #steamme. We will draw lucky person early on Friday and they will get to kick off their weekend with a hot steam and even hotter tunes. To learn more about advance tickets and pricing follow The Sound Bath at The Schvitz series here.


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