Friday, November 17, 2017

Dinner with Mozart, Gwendolyn & Veronica

This Wednesday night, we had the chance to step out of our normal routine and try a unique pop-up dining experience. The event was called Dinner with Mozart and it was held in the Claddagh Loft above PJ’s Lager House in Corktown. Although pop-up dinners have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, this was my first, and I have to admit, I was a little nervous. Although I love food, I’m not very adventurous with my selections. So putting my meal and my choices in someone else’s hands was quite a leap for me, especially since this was an intimate dining experience. If I didn’t like what was in front of me, I didn’t have the option to sneakily pass my plate off to a friend. Luckily, I knew that this was an Italian themed meal, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.
When we first arrived at PJ’s Lager House, we weren’t sure what to expect. We approached the staircase leading to the loft and could hear the classical music playing at the top of the stairs. After following the music, we reached an amazing space, adorned with candles and flowers alongside the exposed brick walls, creating the perfect ambiance. Music was being performed live by a string trio, fronted by Natalie Frakes, featuring operatic selections from Mozart. We began mingling with our dining mates, admiring this awesome space and checking out the view from the window above the Lager House, which we’ve been in so many times before.
To start dinner off, guests could tempt their appetites with a delectable tray of artichokes, pesto, asparagus, olives and grapes served along with fresh Italian bread. Next, Gwendolyn & Veronica served up gnocchi in a browned butter sauce. It was absolutely delicious, and although pasta dishes are usually very filling, the light yet savory sauce wasn’t too rich and left us still hungry for more.
For the third choice, we were offered a meat or vegetarian option. In my case, as a first time pop-up diner, this is when the first panic really set in. I chose the meat option and immediately in my head thought, “What if it’s some weird meat you don’t like? Why didn’t you pick the vegetarian option!?!?!” Well, this night was all about trying something new for me, and I’m glad I did! This course featured delicious Italian sausage in a Rag├╣, along with mushrooms and all sorts of veggies. It was so good! It definitely would not have been something that I would have ordered on a menu previously, but now that I have tried it, I would love to have it again. Finally, was the last course before dessert, a refreshing salad with greens, roasted beets, nuts, and I think there were even some slivers of apple in there. Super tasty and a great transition from dinner to dessert.
The dessert was a cannoli fresh from Supino in Eastern Market. Now, my entire life I have said that I don’t like cannolis, although I hadn’t ever actually tried one. Since I didn’t want to be rude, I figured I’d take a few bites and say that I was full. Holy cannoli! One bite and I was hooked. That might be one of my favorite new desserts! I now see what all of the rage was about and I was told that this is one of the best cannolis around, so I’m glad it was my first.

Overall this night was absolutely amazing, from the food to the music to the ambiance and company. It was something a little out of the ordinary for me, but now I’m hooked (not only on cannolis, but the entire pop-up experience). I absolutely can’t wait to check out the next party that Gwen & Veronica host! Keep an eye on Hip in Detroit and our Facebook page for the next event that this amazing duo will be holding. They hope to make their dinners a regular occurrence, and we hope they do too!

If you would like to experience Gwendolyn and Veronica’s Dinner with Mozart for yourself, they are holding another event this Saturday night. Tickets are $75 and only 20 tickets are available. With admission you will receive the same amazing five course meal that we had the pleasure of having on Wednesday night, along with wine and live music. To purchase tickets and for more information on the event, click here.


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