Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Benefit for Casey Schell, Gone Too Soon

The Detroit music community is a very close-knit group, especially when it comes to the punk and metal scenes. If you aren't part of it, it's nearly impossible to understand. There is a bond and sense of loyalty between these people that exists solely because of music. We support each other's projects, go to each other's shows, and band together whenever one of us is in need. We might not all be close friends with one another, but we are a family.

Last week, Detroit's scene lost another part of its family. We didn't know Casey Schell nearly as well as many of you. We would exchange a smile or a quick hello when we would run into each other at a bar or a show. However, it is clear how much he meant to his friends, family, and the Detroit music scene. His band S.U.B. has become a staple and one of the most loved punk bands in Detroit. Plus, he was part of the Zeke's family, a place that so many of us made our home base over the last couple of years. This loss has truly rocked our community and it's time for us all to come together to help each other out.

This Wednesday night Small's will be holding a benefit show to help raise funds for Casey's family. The lineup for the evening will include S.U.BThe Lowcocks, Steve Harvey Oswald and Kyle Green from Break Anchor, and Dave and Andrew from Fires In Japan. They are asking for $10 at the door, but you can of course give more if you are able to. Doors to the show are set to open at 8 p.m. If you are unable to attend Wednesday's show, but would like to help, there is talk of a Go Fund Me that is being established. Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for the benefit for details on that.

Lately we have been losing way too many of our own here in Detroit. Hug your friends a little tighter next time you see them. Let everyone around you know how much you care about them. Try to enjoy life every day. Do and say the things that you want to do. We never know how long we will be here, so let's make sure we make every minute last.


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