Friday, November 17, 2017

Meet Ladysse

Pop music never goes out of style and neither do stories of talented people moving TO Detroit. Over the last few years, this city has become a place for artists to move to instead of a place that people are trying to move away from. One of the most recent arrivals is an up and coming pop artist called Ladysse, who moved here after only one visit. She came, she saw, and she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

Today she is celebrating the release of her new music video for her song "Stay Apart". It is the first video that she has filmed in Detroit and the first release she has had since she moved here. You can check out the video, which was created by Raymond Rivard of Tradesmen Films below, but before you do check out our first interview with Ladysse and set a reminder in your calendar to head up to The Loving Touch this Sunday November 19th to see her first Detroit show if you like what you hear!

HID-Where did you get your name Ladysse from? Does it have a meaning?
Ladysse- "It was actually my “ghostwriter” name for the last few years! Just something I made up for writing credits on songs I wrote for other people! I needed a unique name when I started this project so, I just switched gears and here we are!"

HID-Where did you learn those dance moves in your new music video for "Stay Apart"?
Ladysse- "Pshhhh mostly just born with them... Possibly just from drooling over every Chance the Rapper video... "

HID-What was the inspo for that track?
Ladysse- "Relationships, boys, breakups! You know all the good stuff that everyone has experienced at least once in their life. Music writing thrives on feelings, and love is probably the most intense inspiration."

HID- Why did you decide to move to Detroit after your first visit here?
Ladysse- "This city and the people in it are so incredibly real! I felt inspired the second I set foot downtown. This city has been through everything and it’s only going to get better. Very thankful for everyone making me feel so at home here."

HID- Do you ride motorcycles?
Ladysse- "Not yet but it’s been on my to-do list for a while now! (Don’t tell my mom) haha "

HID- Why did you decide to book your first Detroit show at The Loving Touch?
Ladysse- "I love The Loving Touch! I’ve seen lots of my friends play there and it always has a good vibe."

HID- What do you have planned for 2018?
Ladysse- "Lots of new music, videos, tours, ice cream... All the things! I’ve been working on stuff for Ladysse the last two years and I’m so stoked to finally start sharing it with everyone!"

HID- Is there anything else you want our readers to know?
Ladysse- "Just that I’m really happy and thankful that I’ve been able to start this music venture in such a badass city! I know I’ve got a lot to prove but, I’m up for it! Let’s have some fun Detroit!"


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