Monday, October 30, 2017

Explore Detroit with "Watering Holes: Your Guide to Detroit's Bars, Pubs and Taverns "

Do you have a friend or family member that is always asking you 'whats hip in Detroit these days?' Do you want to try out all the best bars and restaurants in the city? Do you need a quick guide to help you pick a place when you have a friend in town and you want to treat them to a night out in the city? If you have experienced any of these aforementioned problems, we have a cool solution for you. 

There is a new book on the market called Watering Holes- Your Guide to Detroit's Bars, Pubs, and Taverns that will help you out. This cool new guide was the brainchild of Michael Kline, a local photographer who put together the really cool book. This handy guide has tons of useful information, pictures and fun facts about all of Detroit's most notable spots, including the newest up and comers.  It's easy to use and the perfect gift to give someone who wants to take a tour of the bar and nightlife in our city. It's also a great way to help a visitor make sure that they have a great time while they are in town. My favorite part about this book is the checklist at the top, it makes it easy to skim through and find what you are looking for on the fly. 

We reached out to Mike Kline to find out more about this project. Check out what he has to say and pick up a copy for someone who is ready to get out there and explore! 
HID- What inspired you to create this guide?
Mike Kline- "Since I am in Detroit often with my work as a photographer, I had friends who were less familiar with the city asking me for recommendations of places to go. Of course, I had a few places I liked, but figured there were more. I did a little research looking for some sort of guide and didn't find anything. This was my cue to take action. I started the design process and began the adventure of discovery as I realized how many amazing places there were around Detroit."

HID- Who was this book written for?
Mike Kline- "The audience for the book is anyone who lives or works in downtown Detroit, and anyone who goes to Detroit for a game, show, concert, event, or adventure. Detroit is being recognized on the national stage for its food - National Geographic named Detroit as the best-unexpected city for food lovers in North America, and the New York Times placed Detroit at #9 on their list of places to go in 2017. My book is there to help people find some of these wonderful places, and get more comfortable exploring the city."

HID- Do you have a background in photography? What inspired you to take all the photos for the book yourself?
Mike Kline- "I have been a full-time freelance photographer since 2014, doing everything from scenic landscapes to corporate headshots, and my work has been published around the world. It is my passion. I am happy when I have a camera in my hand. As I began designing the layout of the book, I decided each bar needed their own page, complete with a picture of the outside. Getting all of the pictures how I wanted them took nearly as much time as the research itself.

HID- What is your favorite place to grab a beer in Detroit and why?
Mike Kline- "If I am getting just a beer, it depends on the where I am at in the city. Motor City Brewing Works has been a long time favorite, as has Detroit Beer Company. If I want a good, fresh IPA, I will pop in one or the other - both make their beers in-house and are consistently excellent. If I am up Woodward and need a cold one - I often stop the bar at Garden Bowl for something on draft. They always have something good, they keep it cold, and I can drink while watching the activity on Woodward. If I am somewhere in the middle - around Campus Martius, I find my way to Grand Trunk - a great throwback to old Detroit. Finally, If I am over in or near Corktown, PJ's Lager House because the beer is cold and the bar is friendly and cool."

HID- What is your favorite place to grab a cocktail?
Mike Kline- "Again, it's hard to pick just one. The Sugar House in Corktown serves up a cocktail with an education and a show. I haven't had anything I didn't like there. Gold Cash Gold is where I found out I like bourbon - didn't know it until I had a Gold Rush. Grey Ghost and the Republic Tavern are also up there on my list of places for a solid cocktail, and Our/Detroit has the best Moscow Mule in the city.

HID- What is your favorite pub or bar food around town?
Mike Kline- "I like a good stuffed burger from Cutter's in Eastern Market - especially the Greek. It's filled with feta cheese and red onion. I get my BBQ at Cobo Joe's - nice and tender meats and excellent flavor. Wings are going to be from either the Michigan-bourbon wings at PizzaPapalis in Greektown, or over the tangy-zesty wings at They Say down on Joseph Campau. Finally, Green Dot Stables is always good for a variety of sliders."

HID- What is the biggest misconception that people have of the City of Detroit?
Mike Kline- "It seems like a lot of people, mostly from the 'burbs, think you can only be a food/bar tourist in Greektown or right by the sports arenas. If you limit yourself to those areas, you will miss so much! Detroit is filled with great places to eat and drink. I also get asked about safety a lot. It's a big city - as with anywhere, be aware of your surroundings. I have spent thousands of hours in the city without any issues."

HID- How can someone get the book?
Mike Kline- "The guide can be ordered through, or through Facebook: They are $20 each, plus $4 for shipping. There are two places in Detroit currently carrying a stock of the books for sale; PJ's Lager House in Corktown, and Calumet Market & Spirits in Tower 300 of the Renaissance Center. Of course, an e-mail inquiry to will work, too. I will also be selling/signing books at Batch Brewing Company on November 15th from 4 - 9 p.m. if you want to come by and get signed copy in person." 


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