Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Avalon Now Offers Beer with Your Bread

Since Avalon International Breads opened up shop, they have been known for their great breads, amazing baked goods, and of course, their Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies. Over the past two decades they have been a popular destination in Midtown, at their original location on Willis Street. But now the company is growing. They have expanded to five locations, four in Detroit and one in Ann Arbor. One of those Detroit locations is located right on Woodward near Campus Martius Park.
Avalon Cafe + Bakery still offers the favorites that you can find at the original shop on Willis, but they also offer an extended menu, including pizza, avocado toast, wine and beer. This shop offers four beers on tap, including an exclusive brew made by Jolly Pumpkin just for Avalon. The beer is called Eye of Horus and it even includes Avalon's bread in the ingredients! For those beer aficionados, this is a rich red ale with a tart flavor. In addition to Avalon's bread, it also includes dates, honey and spices. It's definitely worth a try for those craft beer lovers! Currently the taps also feature a cider, a coffee ale and an IPA.

We recently had a chance to head out and check out the Cafe + Bakery. While we were there we tried the Eye of Horus, the Nomad Cider and a Mushroom Pizza with Goat Cheese and we were definitely pleasantly surprised. We have seen the new Avalon on Woodward before, but didn't realize that this location had so much to offer. This is definitely a place worth checking out whether you are grabbing a drink, in the mood for a craft pizza, or even if you want to go old school and grab a coffee and treat from the bakery. They have something for everyone!

If you would like to try Avalon and their new beers out for yourself, we are giving away a $10 gift card to 2 lucky readers. To enter to win, send your name over to with #avalon in the subject line. We will draw our two winners on Monday morning.

Avalon Cafe + Bakery is located at 1049 Woodward Avenue in Detroit. For a list of all of their locations and to check out their menu, click here.


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