Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Creepy Cheapy 10 this Friday!

Over the last ten years, Creepy Cheapy has established itself as the most ridiculous, over the top, balls to the wall Halloween party in town. It's a solid night of wandering from room to room and from stage to stage watching some of Detroit's most prominent acts play dress up and cover some of everyone's all time favorite musicians. Thousands of people come out to the party and there is something to see every way you turn once you're inside the complex. The event is meant to overwhelm your senses and show you a once in a lifetime experience. Everyone comes in costume and everyone comes out looking to have a good time.

For the 10th anniversary, they have put together a good lineup and added a really cool new feature to the lineup, cover stand up comedy. This year's lineup includes The Messenger Birds as The Strokes, Shapes and Colors as U2, Eddie Logix as Will Smith, Broadzilla as L7, and Joshua and James as Big Boy Records! To see the full lineup for the night click here. There are also a bunch of people doing stand up comedy including Jon Lynch as Aziz Ansari and Brett Mercer as Mitch Hedburg. They will also have their famous candy eating contest and a few other surprises throughout the night. But, there is a catch. They can only fit so many people in the place and it has been consistently selling out each year. So, if you don't buy a ticket in advance or get there early you might not get in at all.  So don't sit around your house pre-drinking and fixing your makeup for three hours! Throw a costume on this Friday, October 27th and get your ass up to The Crofoot at 7 pm this Friday to ensure that you get in!


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