Thursday, February 4, 2016

See 10 Bands for a Couple Bucks at Beard Day Party IV

You hear us talk about Black Iris Booking and Party Store Productions all of the time, but the truth is there are quite a  few great companies and people in this city that book all of the awesome shows that you get to go to. One of those fine folks is John Collier, he's the guy behind Cthulhu Entertainment. CE books shows all over town, mostly more along the lines of hardcore and metal. You can see a list of everything they have coming up here.

Well, this weekend CE and John Collier are throwing a hell of a bash. It's their fourth annual Beard Day Party and it's happening this Saturday, February 6th at The Ritz. This party is held in honor of John's birthday and his magnificent beard. The bash features 10 bands, a few of them are even reuniting for this night. The lineup includes: Not Without A Fight (reunion), The Hand in the Ocean (reunion), Lower Lifes (reunion + farewell show), Lake Effect (comeback show), Narco Debut (rap+rock), BrokeShapistAs Earth ShattersLeaving Lifted and Everybody Forever. Admission for this amazing lineup is only $2-$5, you pick. Everyone is also being asked to bring some canned food to drop off at entry. With paid entry to the show and at least one can of food, not only will you get to see 10 awesome bands, but the first 100 people will also get a copy of The Hand in the Ocean's album! So apparently for John's birthday he wants to give you stuff and throw a super awesome party for all of you to enjoy!

The party starts at 6 p.m. this Saturday and The Ritz is located at 24300 Hoover in Warren. For more info on this show, head over to the Facebook event page here. To stay in the loop on all of the shows CE has coming to town make sure you "like" them on Facebook here.

Happy Birthday, John! Thanks for all you do for Detroit's music scene!


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