Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Catching Up with Coheed & Cambria Before they Play ROMT

This Thursday, February 25th Coheed and Cambria will be hitting the stage at Royal Oak Music Theatre. The band just got back to the US after touring Europe and the UK for a few weeks. Now they are out on the road with Glassjaw, I the Mighty and Silver Snakes. The tour is in support of their latest release The Color Before the Sun, which came out last October. This album is a little different for the band because it strays away from the concept that all of their previous albums have followed, but it still has the band's same iconic sound that fans love. You can check it out here

Before Coheed & Cambria head to town this week we had the chance to chat with guitarist and founding member Travis Stever via email. Check out what he had to say below. 
HID- You guys just got back from Europe for the first leg of The Color Before the Sun tour. How did it go? Were there any cities that stuck out from the rest?
Travis- "My favorites were Cologne and London. But they were all awesome. Everyone seemed so excited to have us over there. I hope we get back soon."

HID- Are there any dates you are especially looking forward to during the US tour?
Travis- "I always love seeing Chicago, Florida, Philly and LA peeps but NY definitely always takes the cake being home."

HID- So, you're on tour in support of your latest album The Color Before the Sun, hence the name of the tour. It's a bit different from your past albums since it's not a concept album like those before. Why did you decide to go a different route this time around?
Travis- "Really it was ultimately a decision for Claudio. It was such a personal record for him that it just made sense to be outside the realm of the Amory Wars."

HID- I also read that you guys did something else different for this album and did a live recording. How different was the overall recording experience? Did you like it more? Are you just as happy with the way this album came out as you are with past albums?
Travis- "I am just as happy if not more happy. It gave us quite a feeling of accomplishment to realize cutting a record live was something we could do. And do it well."

HID- The first video you've released for this album, "You've Got Spirit, Kid" takes place in high school and is a like your own short version of a classic teen movie. So, first question... What was your high school experience like?
Travis- "My high school experience was conflicted, and strange. It was actually very different then what people thought it was. I was considered a good looking guy, I played football, and also played music. I had a couple of different worlds I loitered in through High School. But I could never stay in a moment so I was never able to fully be one thing. If I would have centered on being more sure of myself in the one world maybe I could have been the ultimate lady killer, superstar jock. Or maybe I could have been the artistic, musical, adventurer in another world. I was really none of them and missed out on a lot being insecure and doubting myself. My only release was trying to make people laugh and being a clown. I also got hit by a car when I was 15 (as a pedestrian) and got really banged up. My scars on my torso etc always made me insecure about my body too. Wow I make it all sound so bad. It really wasn't. I did have quite a few amazing experiences as an adolescent. Many fun times. And not just because of the drugs n booze I played with. Real genuine friendships came out of that time. The people I knew and continued to be close to in life have influenced and shaped who I am. Claudio is a fine example. And look at us now."

HID- Best teen movie of all time?
Just kidding
Nightmare on Elm Street (original)
Kidding again
Meatballs 2

HID- Favorite character from a high school/teen movie?
Travis- "Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles. The 1980s and its racist portrayal of certain cultures is quite amazing. I mean come on that character is hilarious."

HID- Alright, back to tour. What can fans expect when they come see you at Royal Oak Music Theatre on the 25th?
Travis- "We are going to cut ourselves wide open and sonically pour each of our souls to the crowd."

HID- You guys have been to the Detroit area quite a few times over the years. Do you have a favorite venue to play or any places you try to hit up when you come to town?
Travis- "[Royal] Oak Music Theatre. For real. Love that place. We have had amazing shows there. Hope this matches up ;-)"

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Travis- "It's Booty time, Booty time, across the USA. It's Booty time, Booty time, hey, hey, hey."

Tickets for Thursday's show at Royal Oak Music Theatre are $29.50 and can be purchased here. All ages are welcome and doors are set to open at 6 p.m. 


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