Friday, November 20, 2015

Spend and Extra Ordinary Night with James Linck

I have been writing about the Detroit's music scene for almost four years for Throughout the last four years many people have asked, "So Sadie, who is your favorite Detroit artist?" And, every time I have given the same answer, "Mr. James fucking Linck, duh!"

James Linck and his jamz can be hard to describe. I have seen his music labeled as R&B, bedroom pop, alternative, and hip hop, but I don't really think any of those descriptions fit James. He is way more than any of those categories. He is a talented dude who writes witty songs about love and breaking up, growing up, and life. He mixes high notes with fresh beats and churns out beautiful sounds. He is always creating something new, writing clever versus and gathering inspiration from some of the weirdest places.

Tonight he will be performing at UFO Factory. He is kicking off a new series of shows that will happen bi-monthly called Ordinary Days. The goal of this event is to help Detroiters get up close and personal with the artists that we love. The guys behind the series have been filming James during his "ordinary days" and they will release a video about James after the event. Check out the teaser for the show and head out tonight to see my favorite artist for the last four years. He is one of a kind!


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