Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rockin' with Dirtwolf at New Way Bar

When we first started Hip In Detroit, one of our goals and our favorite things to do was check out bands that we had never heard before. By going out to shows that we wouldn't normally go to, we discovered some of our favorite bands and made some awesome friends. Over the past year or so, we have kind of fallen behind in this department and are going to try our best to start checking out new (or new to us) projects more often and shooting some footage from bands' sets to share with all of you. And that's exactly what we did on Thursday night.

This past Thursday we headed out to the New Way Bar in Ferndale to check out the new band that Stevie Michael is in. In case you don't know Stevie, he's everyone's favorite bartender at Zeke's Rock & Roll BBQ and he also used to be the front man for Grande Nationals and was in Running With Panthers, among other projects. Well, this new band doesn't feature any of the same dudes from those two bands, and it doesn't really sound like them either.

Dirtwolf is a 5 piece band that plays straight up rock & roll. The band has only been together for a few months and just has a couple shows under their belt, but we definitely liked what we heard the other night. And judging by the reaction from the crowd and how many times I got slammed into the wall during their set, everyone at the New Way liked them too.

Check out a couple songs from the band's set below.

If you would like to hear more from Dirtwolf, head over to their bandcamp where they already have a 3 song demo posted. Make sure you also head over and give them a "like" on Facebook to stay in the loop on upcoming shows and what the band is up to next.


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