Friday, October 23, 2015

Creepy Cheapy 8 Takes Over The Crofoot This Friday!

For eight great years Creepy Cheapy has taken over the The Crofoot Ballroom, The Pike Room and the Vernors Room in Downtown Pontiac. The show features an eclectic collection of Detroit's best bands covering an array of well known musical acts. Every year the lineup switches it up and gives attendees something new to check out.

This year's lineup features some well known bands mixed with some small, more unique choices. I'm personally looking forward to seeing ANA as the Foo Fighters, My Pal Val and Audra Kubat as The Breeders, and Bevlove as Nikki Minaj. The show will also feature covers of some of my all time favorite acts, including Van Halen, Green Day and Marilyn Manson. The best part about Creepy Cheapy is that the bands take this shit seriously, they dress up, they practice, and they give the crowd a show.  

It's still only $5 dollars to get in the door. Costumes aren't required, but you'll look like an ass if you don't wear one. Doors open at 7 p.m. Make sure to get there early, this event has sold out in the past. If you are not there early, you might have to wait in a long line. So plan your outfit accordingly! 


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