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Meet Leah Vernon - The Baddest Fashion Blogger in Detroit

Social media has connected us in ways we could have never imagined. I can literally fall in love and be inspired by people that I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person. It's a whole new way for me to stay on top of what is happening around the city.

I have always been obsessed with fashion so my feed is mostly filled with makeup artists, models, designers, and stylist that inspire me. It's fun to see how the women that you admire put their looks together. In fact, I get most of my makeup advice from Detroit's own Jess Haze by following her Instagram.

A few months ago I stumbled upon the feed of a fashion blogger named Leah Vernon and started following her because I liked her style. Over the next few months I fell in love with her. She is one of the most beautiful and well dressed ladies in the game. Every time she posts, I find myself yelling,
"yes, queen!!!!" She isn't traditional in any sense of the word, but her looks are so classic. She has been inspiring me to step up my fashion game and once you take a look at her, you will know that I mean.

I reached out to Leah to ask her a few questions about herself and her style. She is very active in the Detroit fashion scene so I also asked her about a few of the recent events that I knew she attend. She has a unique perspective on style and Detroit. I found myself thinking "yes, queen" as I read her answers. She is as beautiful and inspiring woman on the inside and on the outside. Leah is changing the face of beauty, the Detroit fashion scene, and the way people think about style. Take a second, check out what she had to say about fashion, style and the current Detroit fashion scene. Then, head over and start following her, we promise you wont regret it.
HID- How did you become a stylist?
LV: "I’ve always known how to visually put things together for myself. Friends would always ask me to help them dress for special events. At fashion shows, people always asked me if I was a designer. One day, I started curating photoshoots to show off my abilities and they turned out pretty well. I also started taking it seriously when I noticed the huge lack of diversity (size, race, etc.) in the industry. So that, too, propelled me further into the field."

HID- When did you start fashion blogging?
LV: "I started my blog back in 2013 out of pure desperation. I was angry at the world, angry at myself. Life went to hell. I decided to funnel the negativity into something inspiring and pretty. I came up with Beauty and the Muse, which combines my creative writing side to my fashion side. I also wanted to add that layer of beauty diversity to a world that isn’t so diverse at times."

HID- Who are your biggest style inspirations?
LV: "I’m inspired by individuals who don’t give a fuck! I think a lot of people put too much emphasis on trends and celebs and random people. They forget about taking risks and being experimental with their style. Just to name a few: Rihanna, Cher, Solange, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, GarnerStyle, and Essie Golden."

HID- Why do you think so many brands still don't embrace plus sizes?
LV: "Fear of change. Fear of what other retailers like Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie & Fitch might
think if you added a fierce fattie to the mix. The industry wants to hold onto the image of tall, thin, blonde is what’s beautiful or the other extreme, which is fake butt, boobs, and lip injections are the only kinds of looks that can equate beauty. Just give me a break."

HID- What kind of advice do you give to plus size women when it comes to dressing?
LV: "I give this advice to all women: don’t be afraid to take fashion risks. I’ve had some fashion no-no moments, but believe, I thought I was the Belle of the ball. And people received it the same way. It’s not even about the clothes, the makeup, or accessories. It’s about making the inside match the outside. Where whatever makes that connection."

HID-What do you think of plus size models like Tess Holliday getting more and more attention this last year?
LV: "I followed Tess before she made it big. And I am still connected with the plus-size pioneers like Velvet D’Amour, Chasity Saunders, and Liris Crosse. She, and all the others, are bigger this year than last year because she grinded and she forced them to take notice. They couldn’t deny the following she had, the fans all around the world who were inspired by her resilience and fearlessness."  

HID-What are your fall must haves?
LV: "Fall must-haves: poncho coat, fringe suede bag, and lip balm!"

HID-Tell us a little bit about your experience at this year's Hour Detroit Best Dressed Fashion Show.
LV: "Overall it was a nice event. The Fillmore is a beautiful venue. The seating was a little weird for the general admission ticket holders. The “Best Dressed” attendees were incorporated throughout the fashion show and their names called. I didn’t feel as though I knew them or why they were nominated. Perhaps next year they can talk about why they were chosen and also have the nominees say a few words. I felt overall, the event could’ve been more interactive. I’ve been to shows all over the U.S. The ones in New York are fabulous; they are unforgettable and posh. You just feel like it’s about the fashion and art and not necessarily status and money."

HID-Tell us about this year Eastern Market After Dark Fashion Shows and Murals, what did you see? What did you think?
LV: "I only got to see the last portion of the DDF After Dark Fashion Show. I really couldn’t see much because it was a packed house, no seating. And it was extremely hot, making it unbearable to focus. The crowd was really diverse and mixed. It was down-to-earth. I liked that aspect of it. The fashions didn’t really wow me. I did enjoy Bridget Sullivan’s designs, though. The murals are very interesting. I grew up in Detroit, my mother used to take us to Eastern Market before it was cool to hang around there. Some of the murals are going to take getting used to. I enjoy the one mural that says “Growth” in the middle. That one is reminiscent of what Detroit is and where it’s trying to go. What I’d like to feel from the murals is a sense of Detroit pride, an understanding of its culture and history. I don’t want to see any cool, modern stuff. I want it to speak to the people that’s been involved from day 1."

HID-Where do you see the Detroit fashion scene in five years?
LV: "Right now, I see some people monopolizing the fashion scene, pushing away independent artists. I notice certain cliques dictating what fashion is and how it should be told. If this continues, then fashion in Detroit will be bland and one-sided. It will no longer be about expression, art, or creation. I believe Detroit fashion can be put on the map if people share, communicate, and take that leap into the unknown. A fashion revolution in Detroit is coming, whether the world wants it or not. Hey, maybe I’ll be the one leading it… Or some other bad ass fashionista wanting to make a name for her/himself. Either way, I’ll be happy."

HID-How can our readers follow you and keep up to date with what you are up to?
LV: Blog:
YouTube: Leah V. Daily
IG: @Lvernon200


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  1. Oh, wow. Sadie. I literally shed a tear reading your introduction. I am so honored to have been chosen for an interview. You are truly a beautiful soul. And I can't wait for us to shop together!