Thursday, August 13, 2015

Who has a $1,000 Smile?

Selfie. It's a word that didn't exist a few years ago and now it's used on a daily basis by everyone from your little cousin to your grandmother. It's hard to find someone that hasn't taken a selfie and posted it online at some point. Some of us are even a little obsessed with taking selfies and we have turned it into an art. I say we because I am one of those crazies that loves to show my crooked smile off for the camera. It's all about the angle, the lighting, and the filter baby.

The Michigan Dental Association decided that it was time to capitalize on this trend to raise awareness for dental health. I was laughing when I read the press release, but then I realized it was a chance for all of those selfie obsessed hotties out there to make a dollar for showing off their pearly whites.  

The MDA is asking you to upload a selfie that shows off your beautiful smile. You can upload a shot of yourself in the dentist's chair, brushing your teeth or simply smiling ear to ear. You can upload the picture to their Facebook page or tag them on Instagram @SmileMichigan. Make sure to use the hashtag #MyMouthSays when you post the picture and answer the question, "What would your mouth say about you?" in the text of the post.  Three lucky people will win a prize for their selfies. First prize is $1,000, second is $250 and third place is $100. For all of the rules and regulations of the contest visit the Smile Michigan Facebook page here.  

It's time to use that pretty mouth to make a little money! 


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