Monday, August 31, 2015

Station 515

Photos Courtesy of Station 515

Workout trends come and go, every week there is some new thing that you are supposed to be doing to stay in shape. I have tried out most of these things and found that for me, good old cardio, weight lifting, and dynamic workouts are the only things that really do the trick. There is no easy way to get in shape and lose weight, it is all about putting in the work and doing your best day to day. I'm sick of gyms, shakes, diets, and trainers promising things that they cant deliver. My disgust with the weight loss hamster wheel made me turn to working out on my own and my progress eventually plateaued when I got into a routine and consistently avoided things I hated, like push ups while over doing it on things like squats, which I love. I was frustrated and discouraged when I was asked to interview the owner of Station 515 for our pals at InkAddict. I did a little research and went to the 515 gym to meet the owner and talk to him about his workout philosophy and routine. I left the gym feeling inspired and booked my first workout the next day!
Chris Burkey, or Burkey as he likes to be called, is one hell of a dude. Not only does he train harder than anyone I know, he's got the coolest attitude about working out, gyms, food and fitness. He's a no bullshit kind of person. He doesn't offer you any sort of magical fix instead he asks why do you even want to work out, what are your goals. You are not going to achieve anything if you don't recognize where you are and where you want to go. Much like myself, Burkey sees training and working out as a process. I asked him what kind of shoes I should be wearing, and he told me it didn't matter what kind of shoes I wore, what matters is that I get my ass up and do some work while I'm in them. He stresses pushing yourself, holding yourself accountable, and making a point to make yourself better one day, one task, and one movement at a time. It was the first no bullshit response I have ever gotten from a trainer.
The 515 gym is isn't filled with 100 elliptical machines that people are walking on while they read a magazine, and there is no one there staring at their muscles in the mirror. In fact, there are no mirrors. Instead there are weights, chains, and bars. Things to lift, pull, and move. You can book individual appointments, but they also have group appointments, where you work out with up to four other people at a time. The experience of working in a group with others and being accountable to the group helps to motivate you to do better, try harder, and make sure that you show up. The price of training in a group of four is a measly $15 , way less than any other gym or trainer I have come across and yet the workout was one of the best ones I have ever got.
I was hooked after my first session with 515 trainer Jake Watson. It was rough, but I got through it. I felt encouraged and enjoyed meeting a few new people before the session. I plan on continuing with the gym and seeing how far I can go. If you are looking for a no bullshit approach to making a change, come join me at Station 515!


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