Monday, July 20, 2015

Michigan Aids Coalition Announces Expanded STD Testing in Michigan

In George Michael's hit song "I Want Your Sex" he sings, "Sex is natural, sex is fun", and we have to agree, it's one hell of a way to pass the time. Some of us choose to have one partner and some of us like to switch it up, but all of us need to make sure that we're playing it safe and protecting ourselves when we have fun. You shouldn't ride a bike without a helmet and you shouldn't have casual sexual encounters without wrapping up!

If you are experimenting and having fun it's also important to get tested regularly to make sure that you are staying safe and keeping those that you care about just as safe. The Michigan AIDS Coalition has announced that they will be expanding their testing to include other STD infections, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Hepatitis C. The initiative is scheduled to last at least two years, and will hopefully be extended if it is successful.

Expanded testing services are offered at the MAC office in Ferndale, its MPowerment Detroit site in New Center, and the various bars, clubs, and soup kitchens where MAC testing and outreach teams meet clients in their own communities. Testing information can be accessed by calling (248) 545-1435 or at

Wrap it up, get tested regularly, and have fun out there ladies and gents! 


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