Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Help PRTY Crew Collective Pick Who Is Playing Warped Tour

Growing up, Warped Tour was always the event of the summer. It seemed like all year long we counted down the days 'til the big fest and then piled as many people as we could into our cars to head to Pine Knob or the Phoenix Center. What made the event even cooler as we got older, was when those same friends had the chance to play at Warped Tour. What!?!?! You're playing the same show as Rancid??? Crazy! Mind blown!!!

Well the Vans Warped Tour must be doing something right. They've been at it for about 20 years now and kids still pile into the gates every year to see their favorite bands, and check out some new ones too. The festival has even added some cool features that I'm kind of jealous we didn't have back in my day! They have more misting stations than ever before, to help fans stay cool, but now they also have a Slip 'N Slide. The closest we had was swimming through the flooded parking lot at the Phoenix Center! Also, with each person under 18 that buys a ticket, you can pick up one free ticket for your parent or guardian to get in to the show. Just head over to the yellow top Vans Warped Tour guest list tent. And, last but definitely not least, 100 people at each show can get backstage, all you need to do is donate some blood. What's a little blood?

One thing that has stayed the same over all of these years is that Vans still gives a hand full of local bands the chance to play this festival. This year they will get to play alongside acts like We Came As Romans, Senses FailblessthefallPierce the Veil and Asking Alexandria. And you can help decide who some of the locals are that get to play! PRTY Crew Collective has teamed up with Live Nation, The Shelter and Vans to hold a series of Battle of the Bands shows, where the winner will get to play the Detroit date of Warped Tour. There will be 4 BOB shows held at The Shelter, the first is on Tuesday, July 14th, then July 15th, 19th and 22nd. A winner will be chosen the night of the show and they get to play the local stage on July 24th. Check out the list of all of the bands involved below.

Tuesday, July 14th:
Know Your Rank
Civil Hands
Carved Out
Two Years Today
Lake Effect
Signature Mistakes

Like Statues
Final Confession
Get Stoked

Taking Dreams
Of Athens
Our Vices
Young Drugs

Fallacy Era
Athena's Grace
Lemix J. Buckley
The Oath Lies Here
Make Your Move

Tickets for the Battle of the Bands showcases are $13 and can be purchased through Live Nation or from any of the bands playing the showcases. This is a great chance to see some Detroit bands that you might not have heard of yet. Plus, partying with PRTY Crew is always a good time! 

The Detroit date for Warped Tour is Friday, July 24th and it will be held in the parking lot of The Palace of Auburn Hills. Tickets are $38.50 and you can pick yours up here


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