Wednesday, July 29, 2015

B.Nektar's 7th Anniversary Summer Fest

I'm pretty picky about alcohol for a girl that likes to indulge in her fair share of drinking. I thoroughly enjoy whiskey, tequila, red wine, and large bottles of champagne (individual servings right?). I am not the kind of girl who would ever drink gin, rum, vodka, or a beer. Like I said, I'm picky for an occasional lush. However, I am always willing to give every new drink a try. I have tried beers that are supposed to taste like everything from coffee to champagne and despite what everyone says, I can assure you, they just taste like beer. I have tried all kinds of rums and vodkas and all I have to say is that anyone who drinks vodka and tonic by choice is a masochist.

A few years ago a friend made me try B.Nektar Mead at an outdoor music festival. I expected to spit it out and complain about the fact that I even had to try it. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised and discovered a new drink.
I have tried all of B.Nektar's, ciders, meads, and beers and each and every time I have been pleasantly surprised. I am especially attracted to a mead, and before I tried this one I didn't even know what mead was. If you visit their website you can learn all about the process by which their drinks are created. I'm personally not too concerned with how they make it, I'm more interested in how great it tastes.

If you are as interested drinking this stuff as I am, you should stoop by the B.Nektar Summer Fest at their flagship store in Ferndale this Saturday, August 1st. B.Nektar will be celebrating 7 years of great drinks with a day of fun that includes the release of their latest product, Episode 13. The event will run from 2 p.m. till 8 p.m. on Saturday and include food trucks, new limited edition bottles, and live music. They will also have all of their go to flavors on tap. The celebration is FREE for anyone 21 and over that would like to come out and partake. Drink tickets will be available for purchase. For a full list of drinks that will be on tap visit B.Nektar's website here.

B. Nektar's space is located at 1151 Jarvis in Ferndale.


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