Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Recap of The Hamtramck Music Festival Part Deux

This past weekend the streets of Hamtramck were full of people for The Hamtramck Music Festival. The fest is only in its second year, but it already has grown leaps and bounds since last year. There seemed to be more bands, more venues, and definitely more fans involved.

The Hamtramck Music Fest was just like the old Hamtramck Blowout. The main two nights of the event were Friday and Saturday. We tried to run around to as many venues as we could and catch as many bands as we could, but the lineup was stacked full of great bands. So, it was tough to catch everyone.
But, some performances that we did catch over the weekend that stood out were the new band from "Northern Macomb County", Grand Junction, who sound like the '60s, Radio Burns, Axe Ripper, the Detroit Party Marching Band, Ancient Language, The Witches, The Cheetahs, 1592, Bison Machine, and The Amino Acids, who were as awesome as ever. Their set was the perfect way to end this weekend! With so many bands that we love on the bill, it was hard to catch as many new acts as we wanted, but the few that we did were awesome!

The organizers of the event, Ben's Encore, really pulled things together this year. There were several shuttles running between the venues. Friday night I drove from place to place, but since there were more people this year, parking close to venues wasn't always easy. So Saturday, we trekked it on foot and used the shuttles. It was a lot more fun and we were able to catch everyone on our list! Plus, there were handy postcards with the lineup on one side and a map on the other, that I found myself checking more than a couple of times over the weekend.

Pretty much every bar we went into or passed by was packed. It was great to run around the streets of Hamtramck for the weekend are we are thrilled that this festival will encourage people to do this year after year again. Props to Ben's Encore for putting on an awesome event! Make sure you head over to our Facebook page and Instagram to see more pictures from the weekend!


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