Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Weekend that was Berserker II

Photo Credit: Christie Laabs
This past weekend Veronica & Shawn Knight did it again! They managed to bring together some favorite locals and incredible national acts for one outrageous music festival.

Berserker II took over The Loving Touch and The WAB this weekend for the second year in a row. It featured local favorites like Against the Grain, Hellmouth, Bill Bondsmen and Child Bite, alongside huge national acts like Iron Reagan and Poison Idea. Including Pre-Serker, this fest brought out over 50 punk and metal bands that fans could see for less than a buck a piece. 

Every band this weekend was awesome, as were the crowds. We were able to grab a few videos that you can check out below.

Detroit is so lucky to have a fest like this. Normally we would tell you highlights from the weekend or favorite bands that played, but the lineup was so stacked we couldn't possibly pick. We can tell you the entire weekend was a blast and you definitely won't want to miss Berserker next year! This year was even better than last and we look forward to seeing this fest grow into something huge! Thanks Shawn, Veronica, and everyone involved for putting together such a kick ass event!


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