Friday, March 13, 2015

Show Announcement: No Pulse No Problem Fest!

It's no secret that Detroit has some awesome music fests throughout the year. Hamtramck Music Festival, Blowout, Secret Friends Fest, Berserker, DIY, the list goes on and on. Well, there's a new fest in town that is going to blow some of your minds. It's being called No Pulse No Problem Fest and it is happening Saturday, May 16th at New Dodge Lounge!

The man behind this fest is Louie Badalament (Axe Ripper, Rawdogs, Serpent Men and the newly created Crumble). He is bringing together over 20 bands, mostly metal and punk, from Detroit and all over the country. Check out the lineup below, with descriptions brought to you by Mr. Badalament himself:

In Defence- (Party Thrash/Hardcore from Minneapolis, MN)
Radiation Sickness- (Death Metal from Indianapolis, IN. First MI show since opening for Repulsion in 1993)
Mud City Manglers- (Speed Rock from Pittsburgh, PA featuring members of Behind Enemy Lines and Caustic Christ)
Rifle Diet- (D-Beat/Crust from Minneapolis, MN)
Horrible Earth- (Grindcore from Boston, MA)
Pistofficer- (Punk Rock from Kenosha, WI)
Unkured- (Thrash Metal from Cincinnati, OH)
Non Stop- (Speed Metal from Trenton, NJ)
Cryptic Hymn- (Death Metal from Louisville, KY)
Tropical Storm- (Party Thrash from St. Louis, MO)
SNAFU- (Thrash Punks from Ypsilanti, MI)
Axe Ripper- (Detroit's Heaviest)
Stone Ritual- (Stoner/Doom from Detroit)
Crumble- (Blackened Thrash from Detroit)
UDI- (Speed Punk/Crossover from Detroit)
Rawdogs- (Girl Stealin Rock N Roll from Detroit)
Karmic Lava- (Heavy Doom Metal from Detroit)
Snakewing- (Doomy Hardcore from Detroit)
Serpent Men- (Stenchcore from Detroit)
Shizen Geyser- (Noise from Detroit)
Wormhole- (Two Piece Blues/Stoner Rock from Detroit)
Fireballs Revenge- (Grind/Crust from Saginaw)
Rotor Killer- (Grindcore from Ann Arbor)
Suburban Bloodshed- (Thrash/Punk from Detroit)
A.I.D.S.- (Noise From Detroit)
Swampdog- (Bluegrass sang by Matt C Axe)

Each band will play a 30 minute set, with music starting right at 1 p.m. and going late into the night. There will be 2 stages, meat and vegan tacos from Timmy's Tacos, and since it's at the New Dodge, we're sure there will be cleverly named cocktails on special too. 

So save the date, Saturday, May 16th at New Dodge Lounge. Keep your eyes peeled for presale tickets that will be $20. The price will go up to $25 at the door. So why not save yourself a few bucks? 18+ are welcome, unless you come with a parent or guardian. No Pulse No Problem Fest is sponsored by Tequila Cabresto, Hell City RecordsCriminal Behavior Magazine, and Cthulhu Entertainment. Sounds like a hell of a party! We can't wait for this one! 


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