Monday, January 19, 2015

Heavy Metal Bake Sale

Metal and bake sale are two words that you never think that you will hear in the same sentence. But, thanks to the boys over in Imminent Sonic Destruction, they have found a way to bring baking and bad ass metal together for a good cause.

ISD is playing this Saturday,  January 24th at the Token Lounge to raise money to record and release a new album. How are they planning to raise this money? They are cooking a whole bunch of homemade treats to sell during the show. We have to admit that this is one of the coolest ideas we have heard of in a long time. You can have your progressive super metal with a side of cake and cookies. Does it get any better than this?  We had a chance to talk to Tony Piccoli from ISD about this wonderful idea and about the new record, Check out what he has to say and head out to see him live this Saturday! 
HID- Who came up with the idea of the heavy metal bake sale?
Tony Piccoli- "I came up with the idea a long time ago, back when we were still called mellotrön_. The idea was the same then as it is now, to help us raise funds to record our album!"

HID- Who is baking all these goods? Is their house clean?
Tony Piccoli- "So far my mom Marsha, my sister Angela, and my girlfriend Katrina have all volunteered to help. The cooking, baking and mixing will all be done in my kitchen at home, and yes it's very clean. I am not a slob! haha!"

HID- What kind of goods will you be selling?
Tony Piccoli- "We're definitely making various rock/metal themed cupcakes with flavors varying from peanut butter, chocolate and strawberry to lemon curry curd, basil mint, and of course your standard maple bacon cupcakes. We plan to make several varieties of cookies, and things like chocolate bourbon pecan pie bars."

HID- How much money are you hoping to raise?
Tony Piccoli- "We're hoping to be able to cover some of the cost of recording, artwork, and post production. We're hoping to leave with $2,000 or more."

HID- Are you planning to record an album or an EP?
Tony Piccoli- "We will be recording a full length album of 7-8 tracks, which is going to clock in at around 65 minutes. It's a concept album featuring a story I've been developing for a couple of years now. We're very excited to get it recorded!"

HID- Where do you plan to record?
Tony Piccoli- "We plan to record at Elaire Studios with producer Nick Morris who mixed our last album Recurring Themes."

HID- Why the Token Lounge?
Tony Piccoli- "We're doing the Heavy Metal Bake Sale at The Token Lounge because we've established a great relationship with the venue and its owner John Anton. John has always been very accommodating, and fair. The venue itself provides plenty of "retail space" for setting up band merchandise, as well as room for the bake sale items. Another benefit of playing at The Token Lounge is their new sound-man Josh "bow tie" Wizinsky. He's a good guy! A little weird, but very good at his job, and passionate about your music."

HID- How much are tickets to the show?
Tony Piccoli- "Tickets are $10 advanced, or $13 at the door."

HID- Where can I buy tickets?
Tony Piccoli- "Tickets are available on, or through our site"

HID- Who else is playing this show?
Tony Piccoli- "Grand Rapids based prog rock band ENTRANSIENT and the faith inspired progressive metal band REIGN."

HID- Describe the sounds of Imminent Sonic Destruction in three words.
Tony Piccoli- "Well, we have a slogan that we use and it describes us perfectly; PROGRESSIVE SUPER METAL :)"

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Tony Piccoli- "Definitely. Anyone who comes to our Heavy Metal Bake Sale will sign a guest list. All who sign the guest list will be featured in our album credits. Also, to everyone reading this; from the all of us in the band, we say thank you for your interest and your support. We love you."

Doors are at 7 p.m. this Saturday and The Token Lounge is located at 28949 Joy Road in Westland. We have to say, we think this is one of the coolest ideas ever. We hope you reach your goal! 


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