Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Check Out Summer Like The Season's New Music Video + Interview with Summer Krinsky + a Show This Friday!!!

Have you heard Summer Like The Season yet? They have dropped a few singles and playing around town pre-Covid but we weren't aware of their amazingness until they released a video for their new single "Root Mean Square" off their upcoming first full-length Hum. We loved what we heard, so we reached out to learn a little more about the band. Check out what Summer Krinsky from Summer Like The Season had to say, watch the new music video, and come out to see Summer Like The Sason play @ Trumbullplex on July 9th.

HID- If you could tell yourself one thing on March 1st, 2020 what would it be?
Summer Krinsky- Buy GameStop, I can't tell you why but that company is going places. You’re gonna really care about a lady named Carole Baskin for a few weeks, and you should probably just start meditating now.

HID- What was the inspiration for your first full-length album Hum? Is there a special meaning behind the title?
Summer Krinsky- I was thinking of the simplest musical sounds we make, humming, tapping fingers, heartbeats, etc., and got this phrase looping in my head, “it started with a hum.” When I write music I really like to play with acoustic and electronic texture so I started imagining a song that starts with a hum and builds into a layered electric soundscape. As we were tracklisting the album it was pretty clear that the song “Hum” should be the title track. In a way, it turned into a thesis statement, here is a taste of all of the wild sounds and lyrical themes that this album will explore. From a different angle, each song has something to do with identity and amplifying the littlest sounds we make.

HID- What do you miss most about playing live?
Summer Krinsky- The energy in the room when a set is really connecting with someone. There’s pretty much nothing in the universe that can beat that feeling.

HID- When do you plan to return to the stage?
Summer Krinsky- Our first show back is July 9th at Trumbullplex and then we are playing a single release show for our second music video on July 31st at The Pleasant Underground!

HID- What does your creative process look like? Do you start with music and add lyrics? Do you start repeating a phrase and write a song around it? Give us a look inside your creative flow!
Summer Krinsky- It’s never the same for each song, but often a musical idea will start with hearing a sound I like in the world and sampling it to play within a DAW. Some of the songs on the record were written entirely on guitar, some started as just drums and singing, but most, like this single, began by hearing a sound like water trickle down a sewer grate in a rainstorm while loading out from a show in Duluth, MN.

HID- Where did you find the mice that starred in the new music video? Why did you decide that they were the right animal to tell your song's story?
Summer Krinsky- The dollhouse that we shot the music video in has always been at my grandparent’s house. My cousins and I used to have sleepovers there, spending countless hours imaging stories for those mice characters. It’s been a really heavy year, and most of the music is fairly serious lyrically– so I wanted to make music videos that were light and would make people smile. The song “Root Mean Square” is about seeing a relationship as a whole, but the music video is about some action figures breaking into a mouse house to jam, taking a mouse hostage, the other mice turning into dinosaurs to reclaim their jam room, and a burgeoning romance sparked by a mutual disapproval of violin smashing.

HID- Is there anything special you want us to know?
Summer Krinsky- Full album comes out September 3rd. Stay tuned for more music video single releases leading up to that!

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