Thursday, July 22, 2021

New Music: Lullabies In An Ancient Tongue from Gerard Smith

Last month, Gerard Smith released his third solo album Lullabies In An Ancient Tongue. For those that may not be familiar with Gerard, he is also the founder and a member of the Detroit Celtic rock band Bill Grogan's Goat. This new album is comprised of songs that didn't quite fit the Goat's sound, as well as new music that Smith created during Covid. The songs were recorded at the relatively new Tuxedo Avenue Recording Studios in Roseville and this is actually the first full length that was recorded there. Smith brought in several of his friends from the Detroit music scene to make this album happen, including Paco Higdon on guitars and keyboards, Justin Velic on Drums, and Tom Phillips on Bass, among many others that made guest appearances on tracks throughout the album. The sound is eclectic, with elements of Celtic music, jazz, and rock. Hit play below to give Lullabies In An Ancient Tongue a listen for yourself. If you like what you hear, make sure you are following Gerard Smith on Facebook to stay in the know on what he has coming up next. 


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